Our teams of talented individuals work with energy and commitment to achieve our clients' goals.

About us


Stephenson Harwood is a law firm with over 1100 people worldwide, including more than 180 partners. Our people are committed to achieving the goals of our clients - listed and private companies, institutions and individuals.

We assemble teams of bright thinkers to match our clients' needs and give the right advice from the right person at the right time. Dedicating the highest calibre of legal talent to overcome the most complex issues, we deliver pragmatic, expert advice that is set squarely in the real world.

Our headquarters are in London, with nine offices across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In addition we have forged close ties with other high quality law firms and an integrated local law capability in Singapore and the PRC. This diverse mix of expertise and culture results in a combination of deep local insight and the capability to provide a seamless international service.

Stephenson Harwood: an award winning firm

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Our work  

We assemble teams with the right expertise to meet our clients' needs and draw on the highest calibre of talent to overcome the most complex issues.

Particular areas of strength include:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate
  • Employment, pensions and private wealth
  • Finance
  • Marine and international trade
  • Real estate and projects

Our clients

We advise a wide range of listed and private companies, institutions and individuals. Our recent client survey demonstrated that clients value our pragmatic, commercial advice.

Our clients include the following:

  • Abellio
  • Acadia Healthcare
  • Bowmark Capital
  • BTG plc
  • China Development Bank
  • Circle Holdings plc
  • Duff & Phelps
  • DVB Bank
  • easyHotel
  • ENGIE        
  • Henderson Global Trust plc
  • Hotel Chocolat Group plc
  • Lavendon Group plc
  • Meggitt plc
  • Myanmar Investments International Limited
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Samuel Tak Lee
  • Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust plc
  • Shield Therapeutics plc
  • Transportation Partners
  • Tristan Capital
  • TyraTech
  • Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited
  • Woodford Investment Management LLP

You can find out more about the work we do for our clients by looking at the deals on the services and sectors pages.

Our values

Four deeply held values govern our behaviour and the quality of service we deliver for clients.

Encourage creativity and develop talent.

Be the best and deliver the highest standards.

Work together to build close, long-term relationships.

Straight talking
Say what you mean and do what you say.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to encouraging and maintaining a culture of inclusivity where everyone feels supported to meet his/her full potential as well as inspire people across diverse backgrounds to access the full range of opportunities available to them in a professional law firm.


Our approach

Creating a culture of inclusivity is at the core of our business strategy. We want to be a place where our people feel challenged, engaged and supported to fulfil their potential and perform at their best.


Widening access to the legal profession

We aim to attract and inspire the best people to the legal profession, developing and empowering people from all backgrounds and at all levels to use their initiative and make things happen. 


Inclusive career progression and work practices

We are committed to ensuring a consistent diversity mix through our career development programmes and networks.

Our reports and data

Our reports and data

Download our latest reports.

Our social and environmental impact

We know we have an important role to play in the communities in which we operate, and that we must strive to continually improve our social and environmental performance.

We aim to make our legal skills count by providing pro bono support to social, community and environmental causes, and to support diversity in the legal sector by providing access to opportunities and support for young people who do not have connections in the sector.

Pro bono

Using our legal skills - pro bono

Our lawyers use their skills to give free legal advice, research or representation for a social, community, humanitarian or environmental cause.

Widening access to the profession

Widening access to the profession

Our commitment to diversity starts with young people, often long before they would come to work for us.

Focused fundraising

Focused fundraising

We focus our fundraising activities on a specific cause that our people care about.



We work hard to minimise our impact on the environment.


It's not just the quality of our legal advice that our clients rely on, it's how we work with our clients that helps us stand out from the crowd.

We have an innovation team, dedicated to improving the way that we deliver our services to clients. Supplementing the work undertaken by this team, we have a network of senior lawyers, representing a cross section of our offices and areas of legal specialism, who combine their legal expertise, client insights and innovation know-how to lead projects, and shape solutions.

We focus on problems that our clients face, and look for the most appropriate solutions to those problems. Our experience is that the most effective way to achieve this is through a consolidated approach of process, people and technology.

We look at the way we run specific types of work for our clients, and redesign the processes we follow to ensure that our lawyers are focused on doing the right tasks in the right way. These projects are led by our process improvement team, who are ‘black-belts’ in a highly regarded cross-industry process improvement methodology called lean six sigma.

The process work dovetails with our adaptable resourcing approach – including the use of paralegals, flexible pools of legally qualified resource, administrative staff and outsourced document production teams to ensure that the right level of skills and experience are deployed on the right tasks.

As you would expect from a global firm of our stature, we invest in market leading technologies including:

  • Document automation: technology that accelerates the creation of first draft documents.
  • Collaboration platforms: enabling us to work and share information securely and efficiently with our clients.
  • Artificial Intelligence: increasing the efficiency, and reducing the cost, of the work our lawyers do when reviewing large volumes of documents.
  • On-line transaction management tools: to give clients real-time access to deal status and documents We regularly review the technology we use, assessing emerging technology and investing in new software that meets the needs of our clients and our lawyers.

For more information about our innovation work, please contact Paul Orchard.

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