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02 May 2024

Stephenson Harwood launches three-part GenAI strategy


Law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP has launched an ambitious Generative AI strategy, focusing on three key workstreams. After a year of extensive research and evaluation, the firm has unveiled a strategic partnership with Harvey AI, a leading player in the field of generative artificial intelligence platforms tailored for legal tasks. It has also started working with a partner to build custom GenAI technology solutions and is selectively identifying existing technology products to enhance the delivery of services to clients.

"GenAI is changing the way people interact with technology and that includes the way lawyers work," said Eifion Morris, Stephenson Harwood chief executive. "Our clients expect us to be exploring the ways we can innovate the services we deliver. Being at the leading edge, and embracing state-of-the-art technologies like Harvey, enables our teams to complete complex matters with speed and efficiency."

"Generative AI has been on our radar since the release GPT-3" said Stephenson Harwood's head of innovation, Paul Orchard. "After a year of thorough exploration, including phases where multiple solutions were trialled, we are now implementing an ambitious AI strategy. Our collaboration with Harvey is the inaugural step in a series of planned investments in the realm of Generative AI. We will also be partnering with an organisation that will enable us to build custom solutions for us and our clients, as well as cherry-picking the GenAI solutions for our existing technology suppliers where it makes sense for us to do so."

Stephenson Harwood has been using AI technology to enhance the support it provides to clients for more than six years. Adopting innovative technologies has improved efficiencies across multiple areas of the business, from title review work in real estate matters, to document disclosure and due diligence work for M&A transactions.

A central premise of Stephenson Harwood's GenAI strategy is ensuring that the technology is used in a secure and responsible manner.



Eifion Morris

Eifion Morris
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Paul Orchard

Paul Orchard
Head of innovation

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