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22 Sep 2022

Stephenson Harwood launches latest in series of people-focused policies


Law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP has launched the latest in its series of people-focused policies – all of which are part of 'The Deal', a two-way promise between the firm and its employees

The newest of these policies enhance the firm's global offering to parents and carers, and those on their pathway to parenthood. While there will be some variation in how the policies are applied across the firm's offices, the principles remain consistent and have been designed to be fully inclusive – they are available regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and, for colleagues based in countries where adoption and surrogacy are legal, they also apply,

The newly launched offering includes:

  • New parent policy for primary parents – maternity: all employees who are becoming primary parents will be offered a minimum of 18 weeks maternity leave at full pay.
  • New parent policy for secondary parents – paternity: all employees who are the partner of someone having a baby will be offered a minimum of four weeks leave at full pay; in the UK, they will be offered six weeks.
  • Neonatal leave – if an employee's baby is admitted to hospital (where the baby is 28 days old or younger) they will be eligible for additional neonatal leave and pay for up to 12 weeks, if the admission lasts for a continuous period of seven days or more.

Where local policies are already more generous than the above, these benefits will remain.

"These policies mark a line in the sand, where we're saying what our people can expect from us, as a minimum, no matter where they are based," said Jeff Marlow, chief people and talent officer. "Family dynamics and traditional gender roles at home and at work have evolved; we want to ensure that all new parents, including Dads and secondary parents, also have time to bond with their children and share caring responsibilities from the outset."

In November 2021, the firm launched 'The Deal' – what it promises to provide to its people, and what it expects from them in return. New policies and approaches introduced relate to the firm's culture, the ways in which its people work and the development opportunities provided.

These have included a:



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