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08 Feb 2021

Stephenson Harwood and Aspiring Solicitors launch inaugural Black future talent programme


Law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP, in collaboration with Aspiring Solicitors, has launched its inaugural future talent programme for Black students.

The scheme will focus on the start of the legal career journey, aiming to increase the number of Black trainees attracted to, and recruited by, the firm. The programme will support Black students through providing mentors, skills development workshops, designated placement opportunities and guaranteed places on an assessment centre for a training contract.

“Since I became CEO in 2019, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to make diversity and inclusion front and centre of our business,” said Eifion Morris, Chief Executive, Stephenson Harwood. “Put simply, I want our efforts to have a transformative impact on our firm and the wider legal landscape – for us to be part of making meaningful change. This scheme aims to be part of exactly that. We know that ethnic minorities, and particularly Black people, are woefully under-represented in the profession, at all levels. By partnering with Aspiring Solicitors – who do fantastic work in supporting students from a host of backgrounds less traditionally represented in the law – we’ll be drawing on their extensive experience, passion and skill. I’m really excited to see where this leads over the coming months and years.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Stephenson Harwood on this genuinely unique scheme,” said Chris White, CEO & Founder, Aspiring Solicitors. “Importantly, the programme will focus on Black students – a particularly under-represented demographic within the law – and will cover a really impactful timeframe – taking the students from their first days at university through to work experience and job applications and, we hope, to training contracts at the firm. It’s the most holistic programme we’re aware of, and we’re confident that our approach will be part of making a long-term difference for good.”

Aspiring Solicitors (AS) works with law firms and legal teams to provide coaching, mentoring, insight days, competitions, and wider employability assistance and access to the legal profession. Stephenson Harwood has partnered with AS on a range of projects since 2016.



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