01 Aug 2023

Transportation and trade newsletter


Welcome to the first edition of Stephenson Harwood’s transportation and trade update – our specialist newsletter for clients engaged in the aviation, marine, rail and trade sectors.

The UN adopted its Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in May 1992 during Rio de Janeiro’s Earth Summit, with the aim of stabilising global greenhouse emissions to avoid dangerous levels of global warming. 154 countries signed and have met every year from 1995 to review targets and put plans of action in place across a number of industries.

Since then the topic of decarbonisation and reducing emissions has risen on the agenda for not only the world, but many of our clients. In this edition of our transportation and trade newsletter we will be reviewing updates and factors facing the industry in the battle to reduce emissions and make our oceans, skies, rails and roads cleaner.

We hope this edition is useful and interesting. If you have comments or would like to learn more on any topic, please do get in touch.

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