29 Jun 2023

Regulating AI


As the pace of AI development accelerates, the challenge of creating robust, fair, and transparent regulatory frameworks is of paramount importance, and the stakes are high. These regulations will influence the growth of digital economies, shape the behaviours of multinational tech giants, protect citizens, and potentially set global standards.

This series of articles takes a deep dive into the regulatory landscape for AI in the United Kingdom and the European Union, exploring new and proposed legislation that will have profound implications for the development and use of AI systems. Whether you're an AI developer, a policy maker, a tech enthusiast or an interested citizen, understanding these regulations and their implications is vital. 

Please join us in the insights below as we delve into this complex, ever-evolving topic, compare the different approaches taken by the UK and EU, and explore why getting AI regulation right is critical for our digital future.

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Exploring the legislative landscape for AI - the EU's AI Act
EU Artificial Intelligence Liability Directive
The UK's White Paper on AI regulation: a pro-innovation approach


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