Innovation: Delivering new answers to longstanding challenges.


In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digital world, innovation plays a key part in the services we provide to our clients.

With an expert central innovation team - comprised of legal project management, process improvement, legal operations, and legal technology professionals - Stephenson Harwood delivers new answers to longstanding challenges, using a carefully curated range of tools to deliver legal advice in a way that achieves the best outcomes for our clients.

Applying a holistic approach to the issues clients face, from advice and content through to delivery, Stephenson Harwood marries sophisticated legal advice, market leading technology and critical thinking to provide support aligned with each client's specific challenges, risks and opportunities.

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What innovation
means to our

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Our innovation capabilities

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What innovation means to our clients

1. A decrease in cost

Realising efficiencies takes effort out of our matter delivery processes and reduced effort is a win-win scenario for us and our clients. It means less ‘time on the clock’ for clients, helping consistently meet your expectations in terms of legal fees.

2. Improved client efficiencies

Where possible, we take a holistic view of what we do for our clients. By focusing on the end to end process (looking at the work that we do, and how that fits into our client’s internal processes and the business outcomes that our legal work is supporting) we design what we do to seamlessly fit into our clients internal processes.

3. Faster turnaround times

We understand the pressures you are under, and know that your deadline isn’t subject to negotiation. Our solutions help our teams consistently meet these deadlines, with no impact on quality.

4. Additional insights

Leveraging technology can allow us to increase the scope of work that we undertake for clients, for no additional cost. This means better management of risk, and additional insights. Our solutions typically allow us, and our clients, to capture data in a structured manner – which can subsequently be interrogated to provide insights to generate additional business value.

5. Improved consistency

Through defining and documenting best-practice processes, and using technology to support the delivery of the process-driven components of our work, we are better able to ensure a consistent high quality experience for our clients.

6. Improved transparency

Giving clients real time status updates on everything from the status of individual documents, to the progress of a workstream to the latest WIP and invoice figures – all available whenever our clients need to access it, wherever they are.

Our Innovation Capabilities

Process forms the foundation of our innovation work, often defining the opportunities for technology to deliver further benefits.

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Process Improvement

We have a dedicated process improvement team. Using Lean 6 Sigma methodologies, they work with our teams of transactional lawyers to redesign our matter delivery process  - optimising how we do things to deliver the most value to the client, as effeciently as possible. 

Legal Project Management

We have a Legal Project Management team, who support our largest and most complex matters. The project management approach and legal technology know-how that they provide is combined with our lawyers' knowledge and expertise to bring the best possible service to our clients.

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Digital encompasses the technology platforms that we use to support the delivery of services, and our teams dedicated to supporting their use by lawyers and clients.

Our core technology platforms include:

  • eDisclosure platforms, including Technology Assisted Review functionality.
  • Document automation tools
  • Automated proof reading tools
  • AI document review software
  • On-line transaction management tools
  • Client collaboration technology
  • Data analytics platforms
  • Advanced bundling and bibling solutions
  • In addition to these, we have a team dedicated to identifying and evaluating emerging technologies such as Generative AI.

Generative AI

Following a year of extensive testing and evaluation of Generative AI software, we now use this technology to support some elements of our client work. Our evaluation work included a rigorous assessment of risk, ethical and information security considerations to ensure that our use of Generative AI technology meets the high expectations our clients have.

You can find more details on our guiding principles for the use of Generative AI here.

Case Studies

  • Lease transaction management

  • AI powered disclosure

  • Aviation finance streamlining

  • Pensions deed architect

  • AI powered rail MSA review

  • Mass visa application

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Find out more

If you’d like to find out more, please contact your usual Stephenson Harwood contact, or feel free to reach out to myself.

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