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Our reports and data 

We know that diverse perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture, make us a better law firm. We are committed to creating a workplace where all of our people can thrive. Understanding and publishing our data supports us to move the dial on diversity.

Our diversity targets

We've set aspirational targets to increase representation of ethnic minorities in the UK, and to increase the number of women in the partnership globally.

2024 update on our diversity targets

2023 update on our diversity targets

2022 update on our ethnicity action plan

Latest reports

2024 diversity statistics

2023 diversity statistics

2022 diversity statistics

2021 diversity statistics

2020 diversity statistics 

UK diversity pay reporting 

2023 diversity pay report (gender and ethnicity)

2022 diversity pay report (ethnicity and gender)

2021 diversity pay report (ethnicity and gender)

2020 ethnicity pay report

2020 gender pay report

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