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Acting for both companies and individuals, our specialist team has acted as Privy Council agents, in respect of various appeals.
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Stephenson Harwood has represented clients on appeals from the Isle of Man, Anguilla, Antigua, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Grenada, Mauritius and Trinidad and Tobago. Our knowledge and experience, spanning fifty years, ideally positions us to deal with all aspects of the appeal procedure for our clients.

Michael Pearson in his Capacity as Additional Liquidator of Herald Fund SPC (In Official Liquidation) v Primeo Fund (In Official Liquidation) [2020] UKPC 3

Acted for the liquidator, Michael Pearson, in respect of his appeal against the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal decision on the interpretation and application of section 112(2) of the Companies Law of the Cayman Islands 2018 Revision. 

The Airport Authority v Western Air Ltd (Bahamas) JCPC 2018/0056

Acted for the for the Bahamian Airport Authority in an appeal arising out of the theft of an aircraft owned by Western Air.  The issue in appeal was whether the Bahamian Court of Appeal erred in affirming the trial Judge's finding that the Authority owed a duty of care to Western Air.

Comptroller of the Inland Revenue of Grenada v Bank of Nova Scotia [2013]

Acted for The Appeal Commissioners of Grenada where the issue in the appeal was whether withholding tax was payable under section 50 (1) of the Income Tax Act.

Oceania Heights Ltd v Willard Clarke Enterprises Ltd and others [2013] All ER (D) 199 (Apr)

Acted for Willard Clarke Enterprises in an appeal where the Privy Council held that the registering of an agreement for the sale of land under the Registration of Records Act 1928 (Bahamas) s.10 would result in the agreement being accorded priority over a subsequent conveyance of that land, even if the conveyance was effected pursuant to a contract entered into before the relevant agreement, provided that the contract and conveyance had not been registered, or had been registered after the registration of the relevant agreement.

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited v Seaside Shipping Limited - Privy Council Appeal No 58 of 2009

Acted for Seaside Shipping in this matter which dealt with the assessment of costs.

Gumbs v Attorney General of Anguilla [2009] UKPC 27 - Privy Council Appeal No 35 of 2008

Acted for Gumbs, where the Privy Council held that there was no right of way over the appellant's land, in Anguilla, on the basis that the alleged right of way had not been recorded on the Land Adjudication Ordinance 1974.

Director of Public Prosecutions v Lagesse (Mauritius) [2020] UKSC 16

In one of the first remote hearings to be conducted in the Privy Council, acted for Mr Lagesse in his appeal against the Supreme Court of Mauritius' decision to overturn the dismissal of various charges against him and order a retrial in relation to the possession of goods on which excise duty had not been paid.

Neeranjan v Caribbean Ispat Ltd; Hazel v Reed Monza Trinidad Ltd [2008] UKPC 41

Acted for Caribbean Ispat Ltd in the Privy Council decision where it was held that the time-bar in the Workmens Compensation Act 1960 (Trinidad and Tobago) s.4(3) applied only where the workman had received full compensation under the Act within one year from the date on which the cause of action arose.
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