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Tony Concagh

T: + 44 20 7809 2626 M: + 44 7905 406 244 Email Tony | vCard Office: London


Oil and gas and Shipping

Oil and gas and Shipping

Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

Tony Concagh Partner

Contact details

Tony Concagh

Tony Concagh

T: + 44 20 7809 2626 M: + 44 7905 406 244 Email Tony | vCard Office: London

A recognised expert in offshore oil and gas and maritime law, Tony advises a range of industry leaders on new contracts and disputes both in court and in arbitration.
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Described by Chambers UK as "totally on the ball and always quick to grasp the situation", he advises on new contracts, commercial disputes and also represents clients in court and arbitration proceedings. He acted on the largest amount ever disputed in a London Maritime Arbitration where his clients successfully defended a US$500 million claim made against them under a drilling contract.

Disputes for the offshore industry include delay, disruption and cost overruns on high value EPIC projects including pipe laying, platform construction and FPSOs.

On new projects, Tony is often engaged by clients to assist in the drafting of contracts relating to the offshore industry and has been involved in a wide range of negotiations for all kinds of services in many jurisdictions.

Tony has direct experience of contracts relating to seismic survey, drilling, OSV and specialist vessels charterparties, subsea and ROV operations, seabed pipeline and cable laying, subsea construction, transportation and installation of offshore structures, FPSO and FSO operations and field and platform decommissioning.

Tony is also often engaged on drafting contracts and dealing with disputes relating to the construction of high value specialist vessels such as drilling rigs, construction vessels and FPSOs. In recent years, his efforts have led his clients to recover tens of millions of dollars from ailing shipyards.

"He is very proactive, very resourceful and powerful in arbitrations"
Chambers UK 2018
  • Shipbuilding and offshore construction
  • Shipping litigation
  • International arbitration

Claim for outstanding instalments due under a shipbuilding contract

Acting for a South Korean yard where buyers refused to pay instalments of US$20 million. Pursuing the claim through preliminary stages and assisting in agreeing a satisfactory compromise including obtaining an arbitration award in the yard's favour.

Late delivery and cancellation of a shipbuilding contract

Acting for a European buyer on the termination of three shipbuilding contracts with Chinese yards on grounds of late delivery and alternatively unacceptable quality. Obtaining three arbitration awards ordering repayment of the buyer's deposits plus interest and costs. Thereafter serving demands on the refund guarantor banks and receiving payment of US$40 million plus all interest due.

New building projects

Producing in house terms for a buyer undertaking a major fleet renewal utilising many start up yards. Thereafter drafting modifications to meet the specific local and technical requirements for each new project while maintaining the essence and simplicity required of the standard form.

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Charterparty: loss of vessel and crew

Advising charterers on their legal position following the tragic loss of a vessel, crew and cargo which they had chartered and then sub-chartered for the carriage of a rice cargo from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe.

Charterparty: charterers refusal to accept delivery, barecon

Acting for European charterers on their refusal to take delivery of a vessel chartered for eight years on grounds that it failed to achieve its warranted minimum speed during seatrials. Defeated a US$20 million claim brought by the owners.  

Charterparty cancellation: bimco supplytime 2005

Advising charterers on its rights to cancel long term charters on two vessels prior to delivery for failure to meet specification and failure to meet class or industry standards by the incorporation of toxic materials during construction and conversion.

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US$500 million LMAA arbitration

Successfully defending a drilling contractor from the largest ever claim brought before the London Maritime Arbitration Association.

Uncitral banking dispute

Representing a bank in a London arbitration held on UNCITRAL arbitration rules, following the customer's refusal to repay a US$30 million loan on grounds of lacking corporate authority to do so. This defence was defeated.

LCIA shipping dispute

Successfully representing buyers in a dispute brought before the London Court of International Arbitration by builders claiming repayment of US$14 million under a terminated shipbuilding contract.

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  • Offshore
  • Shipowners and operators
  • Shipbuilders

Offshore engineering: brazilian FPSO project

Representing a subsea contractor in bringing multiple delay and disruption claims in excess of US$100 million on the first FPSO development in Brazilian waters. After lengthy investigation and compilation of supporting evidence, established that contractors losses arose largely from the oil company's errors in project management thus the delay was beyond the contractor's control.

Offshore engineering: subsea installation, Trinidad

Acting for a subsea contractor against two international gas companies for delay and disruption caused by severe delays progressing with completion of a pipeline project off Trinidad. Commencing arbitration and negotiating settlement terms favourable to the client.

Offshore engineering: delay in commencement of works – transportation and installation contract

Acting for an international marine contractor in relation to its claims made to a major oil company for detention of its heavy lift vessel and marine spread as a result of delay in arrival of the topside package. Settlement was achieved at US$12 million of the actual US$15 million claimed.

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Charterparty: demurrage dispute: heavy con form

Representing charterers in an arbitration reference brought by owners claiming US$2 million demurrage in respect of a voyage deviation to protect cargo as a result of bad weather. Established and persuaded owners’ legal representatives that their interpretation of the relevant clause was entirely incorrect. The claim was withdrawn on terms favourable to the charterers.

Admiralty: jetty damage

Representing a global fuel logistics company in pursuing its claim for US$9 million against a vessel which severely damaged their jetty in the Bahamas. Legal proceedings encompassed addressing complex, issues arising from the terminals general conditions and also the quantification of the claim.

Drilling rig: sale & purchase

Acting for sellers prior to delivery of their jack up rig, valued at US$130 million. Buyers disputed that the rig was in the correct condition and location for delivery and demanded that repairs were carried out on an urgent basis. Advising throughout on the sellers rights under the contract.

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Claim for outstanding instalments due from buyer

Advising a South Korean yard on buyers refusal to pay instalments of US$20 million. Pursuing the claim through preliminary stages and assisting in agreeing a satisfactory compromise including obtaining an arbitration award in the yard's favour.

Delay and disruption claim

Advising a buyer on a builder's claim for damages in excess of US$14 million said to arise from buyer's interference with the construction process and other grounds for applying the "prevention principle".

Shipyard fire

Advising buyers on a disputed claim for force majeure made by a shipyard following the destruction of specialist materials and equipment in a fire in their storage facilities. Establishing that the fire was caused by shipyard's due diligence failures.


Oil and gas and Shipping

Oil and gas and Shipping

Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

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