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Kehua Zhang

T: +86 20 8388 0590 M: +86 136 0000 8525 Email Kehua | Vcard Office: Guangzhou

Kehua Zhang Partner

Contact details

Kehua Zhang

Kehua Zhang

T: +86 20 8388 0590 M: +86 136 0000 8525 Email Kehua | Vcard Office: Guangzhou

Kehua is a partner at Wei Tu Law Firm*. He has over 10 years' experience in advising the clients on a wide range of matters involving cross-border M&A, commercial dispute resolution and general corporate. Kehua has also acted on a number of complicated cases in the fields of employment law and intellectual property in recent years.
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Kehua is experienced in cross-border transactions and provides pragmatic advice to assist the client to achieve their commercial goal.

The combination of his skills and experience ensures the success of each project he is involved in. His clients include multinational enterprises, state-owned companies and private companies.

Kehua has extensive experience in commercial litigation, which includes acting for cases before the Supreme Court. He relies on his in-depth insight into foreign related dispute resolution to help clients navigate complex Chinese juridical procedure and safeguard their reputation. Also he has significant experience in domestic and foreign related arbitration at CIETAC in Beijing and SHIAC in Shanghai.

Kehua is an arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Committee and the committee member of Arbitration Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association.

Kehua is recognized as the member of the “Leading International Business Lawyers” Talent Pool of Guangdong Province in 2017 and the member of "Nation's Top 1000 International Business Lawyers" Talent Pool established by the Ministry of Justice of the PRC in 2018.

* Wei Tu (a PRC law firm registered in Guangzhou) and Stephenson Harwood (a law firm registered in Hong Kong) are in a CEPA association under the name “Stephenson Harwood - Wei Tu (China) Association”. CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) is a free trade agreement concluded between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Under CEPA, Hong Kong based law firms are permitted to operate in association with Mainland Chinese law firms to provide comprehensive legal services in Mainland China governed by Chinese and non-Chinese laws.

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  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate
  • Public and private M&A
  • Dispute resolution

Employee mass layoff

Represented and provided legal advice for a large multinational company, which held 52 branch offices in northwest China and was headquartered in Beijing, as the firm laid off their employees.

In addition to working out a detailed strategy, we also oversaw the implementation of the layoff plan in order to minimise the legal and economic risks as well as ensuring the desired results of our client.

With our professional advice, the client successfully laid off its 510 employees and closed 23 branch offices without incurring any additional costs.

Management dismissal

Represented a medium sized multinational company in the dismissal of the local general manager, purchase manager and quality inspection manager ​due to collusion with suppliers. We conducted the investigation and worked out the plan for dismissing three management staff, including the details of the meeting with each manager and back-up plan. We successfully assisted the client to dismiss the three managers on the same day without causing any problems.

Labour arbitration and litigation

Defended in labour arbitrations filed either by individual employee or by group of employees in different cities of China.

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Anti-counterfeit action

Carried out activities relating to protection of intellectual property rights in China on behalf of an Italian company, preventing infringement acts of trademark and patent at Canton Fair and other big exhibitions, reaching settlement agreements with more than 20 infringers and taking administrative and judicial actions for rights protection against infringers who continued infringement.

IP litigation

Represented a large multinational brewer to file a high-profile trademark protection case in front of the Guangzhou Intellectual Property People’s court.

IP transaction

Represented an American seed company expanding its business in China through an IP transaction with a Chinese listed company.

More: Intellectual property

Foreign direct investment in China

Provided legal services to P&G regarding setting up a plant in the Guangzhou Economic Development Zone, This US$ 600 million project was divided into three phases for development and construction. Our services included drafting the investment agreement with the local government, negotiating with the local government concerning the agreement and various incentive policies.

Project cooperation

Drafted and amended the cooperation agreement between a Spanish transnational company and a globally leading supplier of wind power turbines in Denmark as well as carrying out legal negotiations with the cooperation partner.

Liquidation and relocation

Provided overall legal services for an Italian company in the liquidation of their wholly-owned subsidiary established in Guangdong province and assisted the client to establish a new subsidiary in Zhejiang province.

More: Corporate

Share acquisition in China

Acquired shares of a Guangzhou company on behalf of a top French furniture company, including due diligence, structuring various contracts and negotiation with the opposing party; the target company got listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange after the acquisition.

Asset acquisition in China

Assisted one of the biggest coffee machine manufacturers to purchase land from a state-owned company in Shenzhen for approximately 100 million RMB. The negotiation with the government and the owner was really tough but we eventually assisted the client to go through the bidding process and successfully acquireed the land.

Outbound investment

Represented a Chinese listed company to acquire 100% shares of an Italian company. 

More: Public and private M&A

Re-trial before the Supreme Court

Represented a Chinese heavy industrial company to file a re-trial case before the Supreme Court and successfully assisted the client to settle the dispute.

Representing a big multinational company in the court case

Represented Intel in the defense of a court case filed by its distributors in China. After almost eight years, two instance trial proceeding, we successfully defended the client’s interests and gained a complete victory.

CIETAC arbitration

Represented various foreign clients to file arbitration cases before CIETAC in relation to international trade and other commercial contract disputes.

More: Dispute resolution

  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Government and public sector
  • International trade


Provided legal training to Intel in-house counsel in relation to the dispute resolution in China, participating in the programme organised by Intel Asia Pacific in-house team to contribute the legal opinion in relation to the contract law of PRC.


Provided regular legal service to an entity fully controlled by China Central Television Station, engaging in media service. This included the contract negotiation, contract drafting and drafting legal opinion.

Provided regular legal services to Universal Robots, which engages in robot research and development and manufacturing industry, assisting this client to draft and negotiate various contracts with its Chinese partner in business expansion and cooperation.

More: Technology

Product recall

Provided legal services to a Danish transnational toy manufacturer in a product recall case, representing the company in negotiations with Chinese authorities of all levels. ​As a result of our efforts, the voluntary recall by the company was recognized by the Chinese authority as adequate and our client kept its strong reputation, suffering no loss to negative publicity, restrictions or fines.


Represented GSK setting up a distribution structure in China for its drink products. This included drafting the various contracts, providing the legal opinion and contract negotiation.

Dispute with franchisee

Represented a top accessories brand in a dispute with its area franchisee in relation to the cooperation agreement.

More: Consumer

Oil and gas

Acted for CNOOC-Shell Petrochemicals in arbitration and litigation.

Acted for IWATANI in a litigation case to get recovery from Chinese suppliers.


Acted for a domestic company to purchase the shares of a South African company and ultimately control the mine of chrome and platinum group metals in South Africa.

More: Energy and natural resources

Represented the Norwegian Consulate of Guangzhou and Swiss Consulate of Guangzhou to lease in the office.

Represented the Danish Consulate of Guangzhou in a labour dispute case as well as advising the consulate on how to deal with the dispute.

Represented HK SAR in negotiations with the landlord to renew the lease agreement.

More: Government and public sector

International trade through bonded warehouse by Vale

Provided legal support/ opinion to Vale in relation to their business of import the iron ore through bonded warehouse.

International trade dispute

Represented an Italian company filing a court case before PRC court against a state-owned company, working out the litigation strategy and eventually winning the case after two instance trials.

International trade 

Provided legal opinions to Noble in relation to foreign exchange issues in the international trade.

More: International trade
  • Guangzhou
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai

Advised a South African fruit and food trader in the acquisition of the shares of a large domestic company, the legal service including conducting legal due diligence, drafting and negotiating the contracts ​as well as providing the legal advice in relation to employment and nominal shareholder etc.

Acted on behalf of an Italian wine trading company to file a lawsuit before the Guangdong High People’s court against a Chinese trading company for a business cooperation contract. This resulted in a favourable judgement.

Advised the Swiss Consulate in the lease of a new office, assisting the consulate to draft and negotiate the contract with the landlord.

More: Guangzhou

Transaction negotiation

Represented an American seed company expanding its business in China through an IP transaction with a Chinese listed company.

CIETAC arbitration

Defended a famous English food manufacturer in CIETAC and assisted the client in settling the dispute.


Represented and provided legal advice for a large multinational company headquartered in Beijing as the firm laid off its employees and closed down its branch offices.

More: Beijing

SHIAC ​arbitration cases

Represented an Austrian company file ​an arbitration against a Chinese supplier before SHIAC, achieving a favourable award.

Shanghai court case

Defended the second largest shipping company of Russia in a court case, achieving a favourable judgment.

Shanghai court case

Represented an Italian company file ​a patent infringement case against a Chinese manufacturer, achieving a favourable judgment.

More: Shanghai

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