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Bill Sullivan

T: +65 6226 1600 M:+62 815 8506 0978 Email Bill | vCard Office: Singapore

Bill Sullivan Senior adviser

Contact details

Bill Sullivan

Bill Sullivan
Senior adviser

T: +65 6226 1600 M: +62 815 8506 0978 Email Bill | vCard Office: Singapore

Bill Sullivan specialises in advising foreign investors on the legal, policy and regulatory aspects of Indonesian construction, energy, mining and O&G projects.
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Bill has spoken and written widely on Indonesia's 2009 Mining Law and its implications for foreign investment. Bill is the author of the 2013 book “Mining Law & Regulatory Practice in Indonesia – A Primary Reference Source”, the only internationally published (Wiley, New York) and distributed, comprehensive review, to date, of the 2009 Mining Law and its implementing regulations. As a consequence, Bill is regarded as a leading expert on Indonesian mining law and regulation.

Bill is currently Senior Foreign Counsel with Christian Teo & Partners (in association with Stephenson Harwood LLP) as well as a qualified legal practitioner in England and Wales, Hong Kong, New South Wales and New York. He has lived and worked in Indonesia for more than 20 years.

Bill was previously an international equity partner of Coudert Brothers LLP and acted as the Australian government funded technical adviser to Bank Indonesia on debt restructuring matters in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis. Bill is a graduate of the University of New South Wales (BCom (with merit), LLB and MCom), Harvard Law School (LLM) and the University of Sydney (MBA and SJD). During his time at Harvard Law School, Bill was both a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow and the recipient of a Fulbright Postgraduate Award.

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