30 Sep 2021

Well Connected - September 2021


Welcome to this latest edition of Well Connected – our specialist newsletter for clients engaged in oil and gas floating production. In this edition Richard Connell takes a look at what happens when an EPC project just isn't working out and how carry over agreements can help the offshore contractor finish the job at a different yard. Next, John Simpson tackles the thorny question of just what is a 'material' breach. Finally, Hayley Broome delves into the niceties of consequential loss clauses and whether your contract really does exclude the losses that you want to exclude, or whether you may find yourself in for a nasty surprise. I am also very pleased to say that Stuart Beadnall, Simon Moore and I will be publishing the first dedicated book on the law of offshore floating production. If you have any thoughts as to what you might like us to include, then feel free to email me. There is still time to work in additional points and we look forward to seeing you at our book launch parties in 2022! Finally, do check out our podcast, Well Spoken, to hear more about Well Connected, our book, and our full range of publications here in the Martine and International Trade department at Stephenson Harwood. We hope this edition finds you safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you as and when we can. If you have comments or would like to learn more on any topic please do get in touch.

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