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14 Dec 2018

The new Geo-Blocking Regulation... now in force


The Geo-Blocking Regulation ((EU) 2018/302) which addresses unjustified on-line sales discrimination based on a customer's nationality, place of residence or place of establishment entered into force on 3 December 2018. It aims to remove existing barriers to cross-border trade and allow consumers to purchase goods and services from businesses established in different Member States on the same terms to nationals of their own Member State. Therefore, online sellers in the EU, regardless of where they are established, will need to ensure that their online sales terms and conditions, including methods of payments, as well as distribution agreements do not discriminate against online customers on the basis of their nationality or location.

To the extent businesses have not yet done so, they should take active steps to review sales terms and conditions of their websites, apps or other services, as well as their distribution agreements to ensure compliance with the new EU geo-blocking rules and assess if they need to change them.

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