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24 Jun 2014

The effect of disclosure orders on third parties webcast


Finance litigation issues part 2 Summer 2014

Welcome to the second in our series of four short webcasts in which we take a bite sized look at some of the ways in which litigation and court orders can affect parties who are not participants in the relevant litigation.

In this second webcast, Karla Sheerin-Griffin focuses on two of the remedies which are available to a person who has been wronged to obtain information from a person who is not, or is unlikely to become, a party to the litigation:

* Orders for non-party disclosure under part 31.17 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR); and

* Norwich Pharmacal relief.

Karla also discusses the consequences of failing to comply with an order, for disclosure, and the practical steps a non-party should take, where an order for disclosure is made against them.

This webcast is suitable for in-house counsel and compliance contacts in English and international banks and financial institutions, and overseas law firms. Viewers of all four parts will qualify for 1 CPD point.

Watch the webcast now


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