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07 Aug 2015

Stop press – further update on share scheme annual returns


Employee incentives alert email

In our alert last month, we passed on an update from HMRC about technical problems with their online system for submitting share scheme annual returns. In their update, HMRC indicated that they would confirm in due course whether companies that had submitted their returns before the system was taken offline would be required to re-submit those returns.

HMRC have not yet clarified this point. They have, however, indicated that they will contact directly any companies who are required to re-submit their returns. Companies should therefore ensure that they retain all information relating to their previously submitted returns, including the confirmation reference number, and time and date of submission.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at this stage, or if you have any feedback on the annual return submission process that you would like us to pass on to HMRC.