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19 May 2022

Stephenson Harwood rolls out Bundledocs technology


Law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP has added to its legal technology line-up with the global adoption of software platform Bundledocs.

Bundledocs is a secure, web-based platform, which allows legal teams to work collaboratively by electronically preparing and collating both digital and physical bundles - or binders - of documents. It saves valuable time, benefitting both our clients and lawyers.

"Bundledocs adds great functionality to Stephenson Harwood's legal technology solutions," said Pavan Paw, senior innovation project manager at Stephenson Harwood, who has supported the rollout and adoption of the platform.

"It's a great example of letting a machine do the heavy lifting by automating what has traditionally been a manual, paper-based task that our lawyers had to do – a task which has become increasingly important to conduct efficiently, digitally and often remotely. We've already saved hundreds of hours, and it's enabled us to reduce the turnaround time for a number of types of work for our clients."

The bundles often comprise key documents relating to a matter and are used for discussions with clients or external counsel, as well as for hearings relating to formal disputes proceedings. As well as enabling the efficient compilation of bundles, the software also automates various document management and processing practices including hyperlinking and attachment extraction. In addition, it can convert documentation of varying formats to PDF en-masse; whether dealing with a small number of Word documents or thousands of emails with attachments, the technology augments the abilities of the firm's lawyers by reducing the time taken to complete low-value elements of tasks, ultimately allowing them to concentrate on the higher-value work for clients.

"We have a focus on continuous innovation," said Paw. "We're working closely with the lawyers using the software and Bundledocs' own technology experts to identify, develop and roll-out new features. It is another example of the investments in technology that we're making to ensure we meet our clients' expectations in terms of not only the quality of our legal work, but also the way in which we deliver it to them."



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