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02 Dec 2021

Stephenson Harwood launches UK's first Renewable Academy in association with HKA and Teesside University


Law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP is launching the UK's first Renewable Academy in association with HKA and Teesside University. As part of the launch, the firm will sponsor the newly established 'Introduction to Offshore Wind' course taking place next June.

It is the first UK course specifically targeted at educating industry professionals involved in energy about offshore wind and hydrogen. The course will give participants a comprehensive view of offshore wind projects, covering topics such as the UK wind market, major players, farm identification, ownership, contracting, foundations, floating wind, construction, insurance and hydrogen production. On the final day of the course, delegates will visit an offshore wind farm fabrication yard and travel on a vessel to see an offshore wind farm in operation.

"We are excited to be involved in the launch of the UK's first Renewable Academy, which is being established concurrently with a new innovative offshore wind course," said Tony Concagh, partner, Stephenson Harwood. "Both the Academy and the course will play a fundamental role in opening up access to, and educating more industry professionals about, the renewable energy sector and, specifically, offshore wind and hydrogen. I, alongside my colleagues, have enjoyed helping to establish and create this course, and look forward to meeting many of these professionals during our sessions teaching some of the modules. Travelling offshore on the final day of the course will ensure attendees get to see the end products in real life, which for many will be a once in a lifetime opportunity."

"HKA is delighted to be supporting this excellent course at an incredibly important time for the renewable energy industry,” said Chris Paterson, principal, HKA. “The attendees will gain tremendous insight into the various stages of a renewables project and will benefit from learning directly from those involved at the forefront of this industry."

"We are delighted to be able to present the first professionally focused course in the UK which shall emphasise the North East as a leading location in the UK's green transition and give delegates an unmatchable opportunity to get an insight into the full lifecycle of offshore wind and hydrogen projects," said Liam McIvor, director, Renewable Academy. "We are very pleased to work with two renewable energy industry leaders SH and HKA to ensure the course is relevant, insightful and useful to all delegates."

Bill Scott OBE, CEO of Wilton Universal Group, said: “It’s great news to see an International Renewable Academy being launched in Teesside within Teesside University’s amazing facilities and delivered by a golden list of presenters covering all aspects of offshore wind and hydrogen. It’s testimony to how far Teesside and the wider North East come in terms of gaining the depth of knowledge in these hugely interesting renewable industries and we look forward to welcoming the cohort of attendees at our facilities.”

"The Tees Valley is at the forefront of the UK’s renewable energy sector and it is a privilege to host the UK’s first Renewable Academy at Teesside University International Business School," said Warren Harrison, Dean, Teesside University International Business School. "We look forward to welcoming delegates to our campus and to help showcase the wealth of opportunities available across the industry."

Tony Concagh, Tom Adams and Cathal Leigh-Doyle from Stephenson Harwood will provide the legal sessions on the course, and they have secured wider involvement from other representatives in the industry such as BP, RWE and Acteon.

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