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06 Dec 2018

Stephenson Harwood advises Trustees in Bankruptcy of Boris Becker


Law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP is advising Mark Ford, Finbarr O'Connell and Gilbert Lemon (each of Smith & Williamson LLP), the Trustees in Bankruptcy of Boris Becker.

Having been declared bankrupt in 2017, Mr Becker claimed diplomatic immunity as a result of an alleged appointment by the Central African Republic as its Attaché for Sports and Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs in the European Union. On that basis, Mr Becker sought to avoid all of his obligations to his Trustees, and to reclaim all of his property vesting in his Trustees as administrators of his bankruptcy estate.

Mr Becker had also obtained, by consent, an injunction preventing the Trustees from auctioning his sporting trophies and memorabilia.

Following a series of Court Orders, Mr Becker's claim for diplomatic immunity has been revoked and the Trustees can now proceed to auction his trophies.

"This was an important result for the Trustees of Mr Becker's bankrupt estate," said Julian Cahn, partner, Stephenson Harwood. "Mr Becker's attempt to assert diplomatic immunity resulted in unnecessarily protracted and complex litigation, and I am pleased to have been able to support our clients in reaching a satisfactory result."

Furthermore, and as a result of an application made by his Trustees, Mr Becker has not exited bankruptcy after the standard one year period. Instead he will remain a bankrupt until the Trustees confirm that they are happy for him to be discharged.

The Stephenson Harwood team is led by commercial litigation partner Julian Cahn, who is assisted by associate Caleb Bompas.



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