12 Jan 2021

Online client portal - FAQs


Introducing the Stephenson Harwood online client portal providing secure on-the-go access for your legal advice, key documents and information all in one place.

For more information about the portal, please see below some general FAQs:

How do I access it?

When your portal is ready, we'll send you a link to access it. You'll then be able to log in via your preferred internet browser. You'll need to set a password that first time.

How do I see what's relevant to me?

You'll automatically see the projects we're working on with you, as well as any historic projects you'd like us to keep available to you, and will be able to move between them using the drop-down menus and links. If you want different members of your team to have access to different parts of your site, we can tailor it to your needs.

Is it safe and secure?

The portal uses state of the art technology to keep your data safe. The portal has the highest security protocols (ISO 27001 certification, two factor authentication and permissioning) and has been vetted and approved for use by our information security team. We can send you more detailed information about the security protocols in place if you would like.

We want to keep your information safe and secure so we see this as a first step towards reducing unencrypted email traffic with you.

Who do I contact if I have a problem/question?

Please contact your usual Stephenson Harwood contact. You can also use the functionality within the portal to get in touch.

How do I use it?

We think that the portal is pretty intuitive but we're working on making it better and clearer. If you have any feedback, we'd be delighted to know your thoughts.

How often is it updated?

Our aim is to keep the information on the portal up to date at all times. Of course, if you think something's missing, please let us know and we'll rectify that as soon as we can.

How much does it cost?

It doesn't cost you anything. We are working towards providing you with an on-the-go solution to some of your legal needs and we see this as an important development in being able to move with you into the future.

Is it accessible all the time and on all devices?

Yes – subject, of course, to any technological glitches or gremlins!

What does the portal do?

Project overview

View all of the projects you're working on with Stephenson Harwood in a single place at a glance.

Legal documents and analysis

Expand each project to see the legal advice and documents specific to that entity. Share access to specific documents or projects with third parties involved in the matter as necessary. Add documentation to be shared with us or with others and view this alongside the documentation we have prepared and uploaded for you.


View total spend with Stephenson Harwood at a glance on a global or project-by-project basis. View, download and check the status of invoices issued by Stephenson Harwood.

Key dates

View and add key dates such as filing deadlines, anniversaries or other important events to the shared calendar.


Share information with us or with third parties via the portal; download documentation for comment or signature; view all of the advice relating to a particular project in one place.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Stephenson Harwood portal, please contact us.