10 May 2022

Rise in regulatory hurdles


Tuesday 10 May 2022

9:30am UK  |  10:30am France  |  12:30pm UAE  |  4:30pm Singapore

Over the last few years and even more recently, regulators and governments have introduced a wide range of complex rules impacting investments, regardless of whether the business is "regulated" or not. Dealmakers should expect an increase in regulatory enforcement and impact on M&A deals in 2022.

Stephenson Harwood's regulatory specialists will take a look at: 

(i) the increasingly interventionist approach of competition authorities from a merger control perspective; 
(ii) the active enforcement of foreign direct investment screening rules; 
(iii) to the growing imposition of sanctions and export controls; 
(iv) the UK Pension Regulator's enhanced powers to investigate and review corporate transactions, impose fines, pursue criminal sanctions or impose new liabilities, where the transactions could be said to reduce support for any defined benefit pension plan, as well as, 
(v) other developing regulatory risks and hurdles impacting "regulated" businesses (e.g. UK Investment Firms Prudential Regime and FCA pricing initiatives). 

Developing a clear strategic regulatory plan to assess regulatory risk and secure relevant clearances is key to the successful execution of deals.

Speakers: Tom Platts, Marta Isabel Garcia, Sue Millar, William Robertson, Chris Edwards-Earl and Will Spens.