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07 May 2020

Registration of DIFC wills now available for UAE residents


In response to the challenges posed during these unprecedented times, the DIFC Wills Service Centre has taken the initiative in providing UAE residents the ability to use online video conferencing to register a DIFC will remotely. Its video conferencing facility is accessible via multiple digital platforms, including smartphone, tablet or a desktop device, and allows the testator and two witnesses to join from different locations. In addition, wills can then be directly uploaded on to the system and electronic signatures can be affixed to verify and witness the will.

Will registration process

The process for remote registration of a DIFC will is straightforward. All DIFC will registrations are to be booked on the DIFC Courts Will Service appointment portal. Once an appointment is made, the testator will be required to upload the following documents:

  • an approved draft will;
  • a clear copy of the testators' passport (and Emirates ID if applicable);
  • a clear copy of the witnesses' ID's (passport or any other form of ID; front and back if using Emirates ID); and
  • signed and dated Guardianship Witness Statements (if applicable).

Once the appointment is booked, an e-mail will be sent to the testator with the detailed information regarding the registration process and the links to the portal and skype meeting.

Virtual registry

This remote registration system is in addition to the Virtual Registry, which allows those living outside of the UAE to remotely create and register a Property Will, Business Owners Will or Financial Assets Will. Investors and former residents can access the Virtual Registry from anywhere in the world and be connected, via video link, to a compliance officer in Dubai.

We are here to assist you

During these difficult times, we are prepared to work with you to develop the right options for your particular concerns and assist with your succession planning. As a Registered DIFC Wills Draftsman, Sunita Singh-Dalal has extensive experience drafting and successfully registering DIFC wills using the remote registration system. Should you require any assistance or have any questions with respect to the options available to you by the DIFC Wills Service Centre, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sunita or your usual Stephenson Harwood contact.