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25 Jan 2016

Proposals to tighten up access to Tier 2 working visa


The Migration Advisory Committee ("MAC") published their long-awaited review of the Tier 2 points-based system working visa route on 19 January 2016, which has attracted much interest from the media and other commentators. The MAC is a non-statutory, non-departmental public body established to advise the Government on migration. It has made a number of recommendations which, if implemented, have the potential to reduce the numbers of non-EEA skilled migrants coming to the UK to work under Tier 2 visa routes significantly. This ties into the Government's efforts to limit inward migration from outside the EEA.

What is Tier 2?

The Tier 2 visa category is split into several sub-tiers. The primary route for work-based migration is the Tier 2 (General) and Tier 2 (ICT) sub-tier. Tier 2 (General) is for skilled migrants coming to fill jobs from outside the EEA and Tier 2 (ICT) allows multinational companies to transfer key personnel from their overseas branches to the UK temporarily.

Summary of recommended changes

The MAC's key recommendations are as follows:

  • Increase the minimum salary threshold for Tier 2 skilled migrants from £20,800 to £30,000, with a lower threshold of £23,000 for graduates.
  • Introduce an Immigration Skills Charge on employers. This would be an upfront levy of £1,000 per year for each Tier 2 migrant sponsored. It is anticipated that this would create £250M in revenue for skills funding annually.
  • Create a new Tier 2 sub-category for third party contractors, with a minimum salary threshold of £41,500.
  • Extend the requisite qualifying service for Tier 2 (ICT) from 12 months to two years.
  • Require sponsors to demonstrate that a vacancy to be filled by a Tier 2 (ICT) migrant is "sufficiently specialist" to warrant the recruitment of a candidate who is not a resident worker.
  • Remove the requirement to undertake the Resident Labour Market Test (a prescribed recruitment exercise) for individuals switching to Tier 2 from other visa categories.

Contrary to our expectations, the MAC did not recommend: 

  • Limiting Tier 2 (General) to jobs on an (expanded) shortage occupation list; or
  • Restricting automatic working rights for dependants.


Clearly, if these recommendations are adopted by the Government multinational companies who currently employ a large number of non-EEA migrant workers under Tier 2 will need to factor in the additional financial cost and restrictions on meeting internal resourcing requirements.

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