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10 Oct 2023

Managing litigation risk: Corporate and commercial disputes


Welcome to the resource hub for our "Managing litigation risk: Corporate and commercial disputes" event on 10 October 2023.

Here you can view the slides, recordings and materials from the day as well as find out more about our corporate and commercial disputes team. We would be happy to continue the conversations around the topics discussed at the conference and to hear your feedback.

 Our corporate and commercial disputes team
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Please click on the links below to view recordings from the morning sessions:

Relevant articles

See below for a link to our recent articles on the topics covered at the event. You can also visit our corporate and commercial disputes hub for a wide range of content on corporate and commercial dispute issues.


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When can you terminate a contract for failing to obtain 'confirmed financing'? (Havila v Abarca)

Take care when terminating: James Kemball Ltd v "K" Line (Europe) Ltd

Contractual termination: Avoiding problems


Section 32 of the Limitation Act: multiple lies, multiple limitation periods? (Seedo v El Gamal)

Limitation in finance litigation: What would the reasonably diligent investor do?

Limitation in professional negligence: (Sciortino v Beaumont and Elliot v Hattens)

When can a claim be amended outside the limitation period? (Mulalley & Co v Martlet Homes)


It’s an absolute privilege …

Privilege in the spotlight: Al Sadeq v Dechert LLP

Litigation privilege: Loreley v Credit Suisse

Inadvertent waiver of privilege and concerns over independence: Pickett v Balkind


Releasing all claims means… releasing all claims (Maranello Rosso v Lohomij BV)

Resolving dispute resolution disputes: when will ADR provisions be unenforceable?