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07 Dec 2022

Finance litigation update - December 2022


Welcome to the latest finance litigation update, in which we summarise some of the most significant cases and other developments relevant to banks and other financial institutions over the last six months or so, as follows:

  • Moving money: Bitar v Bank of Beirut and Manoukian v SGBL
  • Reservation of Rights Letters
  • Banca Intesa v Venezia: valid or void?
  • What should an ISDA notice of default include? Macquarie Bank v Phelan
  • When is an Event of Default no longer 'continuing' under the ISDA Master Agreement?
  • Litigation privilege: Credit Suisse v Loreley
  • MUR Shipping v RTI: Court of Appeal rules on interpretation of force majeure
  • UK sanctions: Russian-owned customers? Beware extended payment terms
  • Court of Appeal confirms reflective loss can't be recovered

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