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16 Jul 2015

Cyber investigations service launches


Leading experts in cyber investigations issues have joined forces to roll out a unique full-service cyber investigations and compliance team. Protection Group International, Red Lion Chambers and Stephenson Harwood are to offer a service which combines specialist legal, regulatory and technical advice to enable companies to deal with cyber-attacks and the regulatory fall-out from the aftermath of the attack.

The team will initially focus on cyber investigations where individuals with criminal intent have set out deliberately to harm a company’s infrastructure, steal sensitive data or hold companies to ransom, whether for the purpose of financial crime, industrial espionage, activism, terrorism or individual disaffection.

By bringing together a unique set of skills the PGI, Red Lion Chambers and Stephenson Harwood cyber investigations team is able to provide a full service solution, including:

  • immediate response to recover from and investigate the incident and minimise loss
  • dealing with and reporting to regulators and insuring companies
  • assistance with putting in place compliance systems to prevent repeat attacks
  • testing and evaluation services to assess the integrity of existing and new compliance systems
  • strategic communications after the event
  • dealing with follow-on litigation

Brian Lord, Managing Director of leading risk mitigation company PGI, commented: "The effect of the cyber threat can only be meaningfully countered when companies are confident that their risk is being managed in the same way, and with the same experience and knowledge, as the other risks they face. This initiative provides companies with a huge stepping stone towards that end-state and offers a combined level of knowledge and expertise unparalleled in the cyber security, legal and risk management world."

Mike Pullen, Partner at law firm Stephenson Harwood commented: "Governments and regulatory bodies are starting to realise that companies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and have inadequate precautions in place to either prevent or respond to such activity. Furthermore the sophisticated development of hostile cyber activity often continues to outstrip organisations’ ability to respond. Companies that have suffered attacks clearly need to conduct effective investigations in order to deal with regulatory issues and the inevitable follow-up civil litigation and our team provides a powerful and simple solution to this need."

The launch took place on 16 July at the offices of Stephenson Harwood.

About PGI
PGI is a leading British risk mitigation company with a market-leading cyber division that operates nationally and internationally. The company's leaders all come from senior positions in all three UK intelligence agencies, commercial blue-chip companies, UK Special Forces, and UK law Enforcement. The team is headed by PGI Cyber’s Managing Director, Brian Lord OBE, formerly GCHQ’s Intelligence and Cyber Operations Director and includes Sebastian Madden, former senior civil servant from the Cabinet Office and PPS to the UK National Security Advisor and Ewan McPhie who brings significant intelligence experience from both a UK Intelligence Agency and the corporate intelligence industry.

About Red Lion Chambers
Red Lion Chambers offers high level advice on dealing with cyber-attacks from senior QCs and renowned crisis management specialists. The Red Lion Chambers cyber team is led by Ian Leist QC, a leading anti-corruption and terrorism defence barrister and corporate counsel and Max Hill QC, a leading anti-terrorist prosecution barrister and corporate counsel, who will provide board level advice and case management from detection through evidential collation to remedial response; Clovis Meath Baker CMG OBE and Andrew France OBE, both formerly directors at GCHQ, who will provide risk assessment, government level leadership and international cross-jurisdictional analysis together with Andy Salmon CMG OBE, the former Commandant General of the Royal Marines and the last British commander in Basra, Iraq.

About Stephenson Harwood
Stephenson Harwood is a full service international law firm with particular expertise in regulatory advice. The team comprises of Tony Woodcock, a leading criminal investigations lawyer, who regularly advises individuals and corporate entities who are either being investigated or have been asked to assist in the investigations by prosecutors and other authorities both in the UK; Sara George, the City lawyer of choice for the most challenging criminal fraud, manipulation, cartel and corruption proceedings, she routinely receives a high number of direct approaches from senior figures in banking, financial services as well as well-known corporates; and Mike Pullen, who has strong experience in dealing with both civil and criminal international investigations in numerous areas including sanctions busting, export control, anti-trust fraud and cyber.




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