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24 Jun 2022

"Common Prosperity" In China: What does it mean for philanthropy 浅谈“共同富裕”与中国公益事业


Since the announcement of the "Common Prosperity" policy in China we have seen billions donated by the country's leading entrepreneurs. What is the potential of this policy for the development of philanthropy both within China and by Chinese philanthropists, and what are some of the relevant legal considerations? 

In this article published with IFC Review our private wealth lawyer Tze-wei Ng join hands with founder and partner Giana Lin and counsel Dorothy Tan of Fuguan Law Firm, the first B Corp law firm in China, to provide an overview of the following: 

  • What is the 'Common Prosperity" policy; 
  • Some of the latest trends of philanthropy in China; and 
  • Legal issues relevant to: philanthropy within China by a Chinese resident and a foreign corporate, a Chinese philanthropist wanting to donate overseas, and the setting up of a charity in Hong Kong. 


发表于IFC Review 网站,在本篇文章中,我们的私人财富律师吴子慧与复观律师事务所合伙人林文漪和法律顾问谭玥将合作概述以下内容: 

  • 什么是“共同富裕”政策; 
  • 中国公益事业的一些最新趋势; 以及 
  • 中国居民和外国企业在中国开展公益事业、中国慈善家向境外进行捐赠、以及在中国香港设立慈善团体所涉及到的法律问题。 

Click here to read the English version

点击此处阅读中文版本 (Chinese translation courtesy of Fuguan Law Firm)



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