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06 Nov 2018

CMA's tough message - 'Stop cartels'

On Monday, 22 October 2018, the Competition & Markets Authority ("CMA") launched a nationwide campaign called "Stop Cartels" to educate businesses about illegal competition practices and encourage whistle-blowers to expose cartels if they suspect a business has been involved in cartel activity, such as price fixing or bid-rigging. This campaign was prompted by new research by the ICM which reveals that a large number of UK companies still have little or no knowledge about competition law related offences.

Specific industries being targeted by the CMA's campaign include construction, manufacturing, recruitment, estate agents and property management. What is more, the CMA is expecting a significant rise in the number of cartel investigations it will undertake post-Brexit as it will soon take over cases that fell under the remit of the European Commission. Consequently, the CMA is increasing the number it employs in its Cartels and Antitrust Division.

Now more than ever, in preparation for Brexit, it is key that companies are fully aware of the implications of breaching competition law for their businesses and that their houses are in order!

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