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12 Jul 2021

Can you write a cheque on the side of a cow?


And why the answer to this is relevant to online transactions

Many lawyers studying the law of cheques will recall hearing about the famous case of Albert Haddock who in the 19th Century felt better after writing a cheque for his disputed tax bill on the side of a cow and leading it to the tax collector's office. As there is no law that requires a cheque to be written on paper, this would have worked. But in fact this never happened – the writer A.P. Herbert invented this story after finding that being a writer was a lot more fun than being a barrister.

These days, lawyers continue to tie themselves in knots over what amounts to signing or writing in the digital era. We have prepared this client alert to help our fintech clients achieve the formation of contracts for online transactions with the minimum of fuss.

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Katherine Liu

Katherine Liu

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