09 Dec 2015

Day 10 – High Ambition Coalition to the rescue…

A new draft agreement was presented this afternoon after Laurent Fabius, who has been working extremely hard to keep the Conference on track, imposed the deadline in a bid to add pressure. The text now stands at a considerably reduced 29 pages long. However, with the divisive issues of differentiation, finance and the level of ambition still undetermined, it is difficult to get excited at this stage. 


Hoping to save the day is the "High Ambition Coalition," a group of more than 100 countries, including the US, all EU member states and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. This coalition has only just been announced, following months of secret rendezvous and it is being taken as a demonstration of developed and developing countries ability to work together towards a common goal. Together, they call for the agreement to be legally binding, to set a clear long-term goal, to provide a mechanism for reviewing commitments every five years and to create a framework for reporting and monitoring.
According to Marshall Islands’ Foreign Minister, Tony de Brum, the coalition has waited until now to reveal itself in order to have the most impact. However, it is hard not to consider the impact earlier input from this coalition may have had on progress. Whether its sudden emergence will boost morale or leave those so-far excluded feeling 'left out' remains to be seen!

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