05 May 2017

#10ThingsSH you need to know about applications for planning permission and other consents


Stephenson Harwood's planning law team has prepared a short series of articles containing practical insights, based on our recent experience of advising on applications for planning permission and other consents.

The articles in the series consider:

  • the common pitfalls with planning applications and how they can either be avoided or the associated risks mitigated;
  • how tricky highways issues that intersect with the planning system can be overcome; and
  • the legal aspects of the preparation of an Environmental Statement and the recent changes to the rules on Environmental Impact Assessment.

As planning lawyers, we get involved with a large number of applications for planning permission to enable development to proceed. As part of our role, we:

  • check that applications comply with the myriad of planning and environmental rules;
  • suggest improvements so that the applications can be validated and subsequently determined quicker; and
  • highlight inaccuracies or omissions that may otherwise lead to a successful claim for judicial review or difficulties with implementing the scheme.

05 May 2017 - #10ThingsSH Common pitfalls with planning applications

16 May 2017 - #10ThingsSH Overcoming tricky highways issues

23 May 2017 - #10ThingsSH Undertaking robust EIA

A guide to applications for planning permission and other consents #10ThingsSH

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