25 Nov 2021

The Shipping News on Thursdays


Starting on Thursday 14 October 2021, we will be running a series of shipping-focused webinars every Thursday. 

  • 5:00pm - Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai
  • 9:00am - London 
  • 1:00pm - Dubai 
  • 6:00pm - Seoul

Do join us each week to gain insight into the legal issues that affect the shipping industry. There will be the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Please click on the individual links to register for the talks that you are interested in. We hope you can join us.

Upcoming webinars 

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Past webinars

Sale and purchase - the good the bad, the ugly

Thursday 2 December 2021
Michelle Yong and Andrew Rigden Green will discuss dealing with bad behaviour in ship sale and purchase.
Speakers: Michelle Yong and Andrew Rigden Green 


Thursday 25 November 2021
Joe Gosden will discuss ship recycling and navigating the complexity of environmental regulation and sale contracts.
Speaker: Joe Gosden 

ESG investing in maritime and decarbonisation

Thursday 18 November 2021
Jeffrey Tanner and special guest Joshua Politis from Transport Capital will discuss current and future trends relating to maritime investments in ESG and decarbonisation.
Speakers: Jeffrey Tanner and Joshua Politis from Transport Capital

LNG bunker supply

Thursday 11 November 2021    
John Simpson, Stuart Beadnall and Tom Adams, along with special guest Felix Tse from Pavilion Energy will discuss issues to be addressed in shipbuilding, chartering and LNG bunker supply contracts.
Speakers: John Simpson, Stuart Beadnall, Tom Adams and Felix Tse from Pavilion Energy 

Are we nearly there yet? Delay issues under shipbuilding contracts

Thursday 28 October 2021 
Kirsty MacHardy will lead a discussion on delay and disruption issues, and force majeure as a result of COVID-19. Kirsty will be joined by Yendall Hunter Limited Senior Director Vincent DeSapio and Director Emily Simnor. 
Speaker: Kirsty MacHardy 

Carriage of containers on bulk carriers

Thursday 21 October 2021
John Simpson will talk about carriage of containers on bulk carriers and considerations for successful implementation.
Speaker: John Simpson

Keep Calm and Carry On – some practical guidance on managing the aftermath of a casualty

Thursday 14 October 2021
Nick Barber, Rod Johnson and special guest Sam Kendall-Marsden of the Standard Club talk about salvage, the future of the Lloyds Open Form, trends in shipping casualties and the complexities of general average.
Speakers: Nick Barber and Rod Johnson 

Introduction to maritime sustainability from a lawyer’s perspective

Thursday 26 November 2020 
The latest episode of The Shipping News on Thursdays – Stephenson Harwood’s shipping-focused webinar – covers maritime sustainability from a lawyer’s perspective. Our panellists will examine the Poseidon Principles and the Sea Cargo Charter in the context of contracts: shipbuilding, charterparties, sale contracts and trade finance, sustainability and ship finance, plus the current work the American Bureau of Shipping and BIMCO are doing on maritime sustainability and co-operation with the IMO and other organisations.
Speakers: Haris Zografakis, Dora Mace-Kokota, Georgios Plevrakis, director of global sustainability at American Bureau of Shipping and Christian Baekmark Schiolborg, manager of marine environment at BIMCO.

The end of uncertainty?

Thursday 19 November 2020
Our panel, drawn from across the marine insurance market, will examine the extent to which traditional insurance contracts can or should survive in the digital age. The origins of today’s contracts and clauses were drawn up in the days of sailing ships and the beginnings of international trade at scale. In those days the sea was a dangerous place, there was no instant communications and losses were frequent. Cargo interests and carriers sought to fairly apportion risks contractually and a regime based on liability following fault was established. In the 21st Century modern communications and better technology means that insurable interests can be tracked and identified anywhere in the world. We can predict the weather. The uncertainties have gone but the traditional insurance regime survives. We look ahead to see what changes might come about in the future and what this could mean.
Panel: Alex Davis, Rod Johnson, Richard Turner, President of IUMI, Howard Potter, Head of Cyber at Astaara, Andy Yeoman, CEO at Concirrus and Jeremy Maynard, Vice President - Global Marine at Marsh

In too deep…? Arbitrator bias in Halliburton v Chubb

Thursday 12 November 2020
The Supreme Court heard the appeal in Halliburton v Chubb nearly a year ago.  Given the length of time which has passed without a judgment, the answer to the question of when an arbitrator should make disclosure of circumstances which may give rise to justifiable doubts as to his impartiality is clearly not a straightforward one. The shipping community is relatively small, as is the pool of arbitrators with sufficient experience to deal with the complexities of marine disputes. The issue of potential arbitrator bias is therefore a topical one for the industry. Joanne Champkins will provide a reminder of the decision in the Court of Appeal and discuss the issue which was before the Supreme Court. Unless, of course, the Supreme Court hands down its judgment before then, in which case she will cover that long awaited decision.
Speaker: Joanne Champkins 

Ready for Roboship?

Thursday 22 October 2020
In this presentation Rod Johnson, our marine director, discusses the likely timescales for the introduction of increasingly automated, remote controlled and autonomous ships. The global discussion on regulation is developing well but the key issues, risk and liability, are not as obvious. These are the issues that will govern the economic viability of such projects. Rod will develop some ideas about what a future risk and liability regime might look like drawing upon parallel developments in aviation, spaceflight and automotive. Rod will be joined by Alex Davis, head of marine and international trade and also our marine insurance sub-group at Stephenson Harwood, and Royston Ford from RSA.
Speakers: Rod Johnson, Alex Davis and Royston Ford  

PRC leasing and the Greek shipping market – a symbiotic relationship? Lessons from Stephenson Harwood’s international experience

Thursday 15 October 2020
PRC leasing has continued its extensive travels in the shipping finance world.  It has taken some time for the Greek shipowners to embrace it, but it now seems to be a significant component of the ship finance matrix in the Greek market. Is it becoming a prevalent feature in the Greek ship finance market? Is it here to stay? Will it be facing any challenges that are specific to that market? And can it only appeal to certain types of Greek shipowners? How is it interacting with more traditional bank finance and the alternative finance providers? 
Speakers: Chris Vartzis, Simone Liu, Jonathan Ward, Huay Yee Kwan, Elton Chan and Dora Mace-Kokota

In what way is floating production (FPSO/FLNG) a distinct legal topic?

Thursday 8 October 2020
It Floats, Produces, Stores and Offloads, but how is the operation of an FPSO different to the operation of conventional vessels, and how are these differences reflected in the charterparty terms? Does it make a difference if the production is oil or LNG? Does maritime law apply to FPSOs as it does to other vessels? What can go wrong, and who is responsible when it does? We will address these questions, and explain how familiar shipping law concepts apply to oil and gas floating production projects.
Speaker: Stuart Beadnall

Force majeure clauses: future-proofing your commodity sale contracts in the COVID-19 era

Thursday 1 October 2020
The expectation of continuing or extended lockdowns as a result of COVID-19, and the impact of that on trade and commerce, calls for a careful review of force majeure clauses contemplated for new contracts. We will consider how force majeure clauses operate, and offer some guidance for ensuring that your new force majeure clauses are fit for purpose and create as much certainty as possible in these uncertain times.
Speaker: Emma Skakle

Challenging arbitration awards - tips and pitfalls

Thursday 24 September 2020
We will examine recent decisions of the English and Hong Kong courts in relation to challenging arbitration awards.
Speaker: Andrew Rigden Green

Current issues in LNG trading

Thursday 17 September 2020
We look at some of the issues crossing our desks with the changes in the LNG market.
Speaker: Peter Bennet 

Ship demolition and recycling - possible pitfalls

Thursday 10 September 2020
John Simpson considers recent cases and contractual clauses relating to the ethical scrapping and recycling of ships and matters which vessel owners should be aware of before sending a ship on its final voyage.
Speaker: John Simpson

Arbitration vs. winding up in times of economic distress

Thursday 3 September 2020
What's the difference, and why should you choose one over the other in the context of an international shipping dispute? 
Speaker: Elizabeth Sloane 

Shipping coal and palm oil out of Indonesia

Thursday 27 August 2020
Indonesia has finally started to enforce a long proposed domestic shipping requirement for coal and palm oil exports. Bill Sullivan will speak about the origins of the requirement to use domestic shipping providers, give an overview of how it is applied and also look at the resulting problems and implications for traditional international trade arrangements.
Speaker: Bill Sullivan

Liens, stoppage in transit and resale

Thursday 20 August 2020
We will look at an unpaid seller's rights against the goods.
Speaker: Jonathan Spearing

Letters of indemnity in a chain - A chain or a tangled web?

Thursday 13 August 2020
We examine the case of the "Miracle Hope" and the legal drama that unfolded across two jurisdictions.
Speaker: Michelle Yong

Good faith and contractual discretion in commodity contracts – a new dawn?

Thursday 6 August 2020
We will look at the application of the good faith and contractual discretion obligations to “relational” (commodity) contracts.
Speaker: Peter Bennett

Risks and rewards of floating oil storage 

Thursday 30 July 2020
The fluctuating oil price has made it potentially beneficial for charterers to order vessels to act as floating storage for oil cargoes. Both owners and charterers face potential additional risks, whether or not the charterparty originally contemplated use of the vessel as floating storage. We will consider the risks and contract clauses to consider for both sides.
Speaker: John Simpson

Can arbitration agreements bind third parties? 

Thursday 23 July 2020
An examination of the scope of arbitration agreements and when an arbitration agreement may apply to a non-party.
Speaker: Andrew Rigden Green  

Financing arrangements: covenant breaches and optimal corporate governance

Thursday 9 July 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic and the response to it has caused substantial disruption to business operations and trade which has resulted in significant cash flow and financial challenges for many businesses. Jeffrey Tanner will talk about managing covenant breaches, optimal corporate governance and will provide practical tips on how to navigate through this black swan event.
Speaker: Jeffrey Tanner

The latest in shipbuilding

Thursday 2 July 2020
Can an arbitration really stop a guarantee? Can you really rely on your own wrongs? 
Speakers: Evangeline Quek and Justin Gan 

Green Financing for ship owners – is it making you feel blue?

Thursday 25 June 2020
With an ever increasing array of green and sustainability principles and initiatives against the backdrop of higher costs of funding for banks, Pedram Norton will talk about what ship owners typically need to show in order to obtain green or sustainable financing, the benefits/drawbacks and the impact on legal documentation.
Speaker: Pedram Norton 

Force Majeure: A tale of two systems

Thursday 18 June 2020
Force majeure has taken the spotlight since the COVID-19 outbreak. In this session, Evangeline and Justin will consider the approach taken by the civil law system versus the common law system when assessing if a party can claim force majeure. They will illustrate the differences by reference to recent shipbuilding matters involving Chinese shipyards.
Speakers: Evangeline Quek and Justin Gan

10 reasons why you should care about arbitration clauses in shipping contracts

Thursday 11 June 2020
This presentation will focus on why it is important to focus on the arbitration clause at the outset of an agreement, whether it is a charterparty, bill of lading, finance agreement or joint venture agreement. Andrew Rigden Green will explain how to avoid the protracted and expensive disputes about arbitration clauses that arise before the actual dispute can even be addressed.
Speaker: Andrew Rigden Green

Carbon emissions and shipping

Thursday 28 May 2020
John Simpson will provide an outline of the IMP Greenhouse Gas reduction strategy; and guest speaker, Gerry Elias of Permian Global will provide a short presentation on the availability of Carbon Credits and relevant financing. 
Speaker: John Simpson
Guest speaker: Gerry Elias

Social distancing – are you already in lockdown with your partner?

Thursday 21 May 2020
Too late? Have you actually signed on the dotted line? How to use MOUs, term sheets and LOIs to your advantage.
Speaker: Martin Brown

In the grand scheme of things...

Thursday 14 May 2020
Schemes and judicial management: critical and useful tools, or open to abuse?
Speaker: Daryll Ng

Parent company guarantees - how to make them work for you

Thursday 30 April 2020
So you have been offered a PCG by your counterparty. Subtle changes to the wording could make a huge difference. Here are 5 top tips.
Speaker: Michelle Yong

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