08 Feb 2022

New UAE Labour Law: More burning questions


UAE Labour Law – February 2022

Following on from our podcast on the top 50 changes brought in by the new UAE Labour Law, we bring you the third part of our mini-series of the burning questions that employers are facing with the new law now in force.

In this third alert, we’ve focused on questions related to termination of employment.

  1. Can employers still terminate without notice during probation?
  2. How do employers calculate holiday pay on termination?
  3. Should we calculate end-of-service gratuity using working days or calendar days?
  4. How do employers calculate end-of-service gratuity for employees on unlimited term contracts?
  5. Should we make all of our non-competes two-years long? ?
  6. How do we reclaim recruitment costs if an employee resigns during probation?
  7. Is redundancy an arbitrary dismissal?
  8. Is permission still required before dismissing UAE nationals?
  9. Do we have to follow a pre-dismissal process for all employees?
  10. Do we still have to pay early termination compensation when ending limited term contracts?

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