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26 May 2022

Key corporate and commercial disputes update - May 2022


Welcome to our corporate and commercial disputes update, the bi-annual publication in which we summarise some of the most significant decisions from corporate and commercial cases in the English courts. This edition includes:

  • Representing claimants: the rise of the class action
  • Wasted expenditure is not the same as loss of profit: Soteria (formerly CIS) v IBM
  • Warranty claims and the duty to mitigate: Equitix v Fox
  • Reliance on force majeure in the face of sanctions: MUR shipping v RTI
  • Lord v Maven Wealth: the perils of untidy drafting
  • Directors' duties to avoid conflicts of interest – how long do they last? Burnell v Trans-Tag Ltd
  • Declarations do not bar claims for subsequent relief: Zavarco plc v Nasir
  • The boundaries of causing loss by unlawful means: Secretary of State for Health v Servier
  • No privilege for fishing expeditions: Kyla Shipping v Freight Trading Ltd
  • Clarification that litigation privilege and legal advice privilege are not mutually exclusive: Loreley Financing v Credit Suisse
  • Revoking permission for expert evidence: Andrews v Kronospan

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