Corporate and Commercial Disputes Update - May 2021

In this issue: Welcome to our corporate and commercial disputes update, a new bi-annual publication in which we summarise some of the most significant cases over the last six months or so in the corporate and commercial dispute resolution market: Executive Summary 2 Facing up to responsibility: Parent liability for overseas subsidiary actions in the English courts 3 Inducing a subsidiary's breach of contract: a look at the merits (Kawasaki v Kemball) 7 No quantum leap in the doctrine of restraint of trade 10 The winner takes it all (the loser's Ts and Cs were too small): Green v Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited t/a Betfred 13 Give credit where credit's due: settlement agreements and the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ( CFL Finance v Laser Trust & Gertner ) 15 When is an error a manifest error? 16 Disputes about dispute resolution clauses: keep it simple AdActive Media v Ingrouille 19 Winding-up a company as a means of resolving a shareholder dispute: Chu v Lau 22 No harm, no foul – liquidated damages clause upheld by the Commercial Court ( De Havilland v Spicejet ) 25 Compulsory Share Acquisitions: What is a "fair value"? 27 Minimising mistakes: the Supreme Court restricts limitation period for mistake of law claims 31 Why choose Stephenson Harwood? 34 Contacts 35 Corporate and Commercial Disputes Update – May 2021 Please click here to view all of our articles on our corporate commercial disputes hub, where you can also register to receive updates.