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Yun Wang

Yun Wang
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Yun is a senior consultant at Wei Tu Law Firm*. Yun has a wide range of PRC legal practice with a focus on litigation at different levels of PRC court and arbitration matters in PRC including foreign arbitration awards recognition in China. She is an experienced litigation lawyer with strong logical thinking and pleading ability, especially in catching the key points to win the case.
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Having practiced in Shipping and legal areas for nearly thirty years and being admitted as a licensed lawyer for twenty four years. Specialized in litigation and arbitration especially in shipping cases including disputes on B/L, charterparty,  marine insurance, collision, salvage, etc.

In 1988, Yun graduated from Shanghai Maritime University where she obtained her LLM degree. During 1988-1997, Yun worked in Claim & Insurance Department of COSCO Guangzhou as deputy chief. During 1997-2007, Yun worked in LYH CYC Solicitors as partner and during 2008-2017, worked in Rolmax Law Office,Guangzhou, as partner.

Yun is fluent in Chinese, Cantonese and English.

* Wei Tu (a PRC law firm registered in Guangzhou) and Stephenson Harwood (a law firm registered in Hong Kong) are in a CEPA association under the name “Stephenson Harwood - Wei Tu (China) Association”. CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) is a free trade agreement concluded between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Under CEPA, Hong Kong based law firms are permitted to operate in association with Mainland Chinese law firms to provide comprehensive legal services in Mainland China governed by Chinese and non-Chinese laws.

  • Shipping litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Shipowners and operators

Acting for shipping companies, P&I Club, insurance companies, port authority and other companies in dispute of B/L, charterparty and carriage of goods by sea and/or river.

Acting for a large warehousing company to defend the claim for the damaged chemical goods when reaching the storage tank via pipelines from the ship.

Acting for cargo owner to release the goods detained by the shipowners by applying for maritime injunction.

Acting for clients at different levels of PRC courts to present claims or defend the claims.

Assisting the clients to get the foreign arbitration award recognized or to defend the application for recognition.

Acting for HK clients, by an administrative litigation, to get back the real estate, title of which was transferred wrongfully.

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Representing COSCO Guangzhou to claim for loss incurred of repudiation of charterparty.

Representing COSCOL to defend a cargo claim under the B/L.

Acting for FESCO to defend a claim regarding the B/L.

  • P&I clubs
  • Marine insurance
  • International trade

In 2009-2012 representing CPI to defend a cargo shortage claim  for and on behalf of the shipowner.

In 2009-2011 representing  CPI to defend a cargo damage claim  and file a claim against the charterer in CMAC for and on behalf of the shipowner.

In 2005 representing CPI to defend a cargo claim for and on behalf of COSCOL.

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In 2008-2010 representing the Ming An Insurance, HK to defend a cargo claim, to file a recovery claim and apply for the property preservation for and on behalf of the shipowner. 

In 2006 acting for PICC Guangzhou to defend the insurance claims.

In 2005 acting for PICC Zhongshan for recourse claims.

In 2003-2005 acting for the Ming An insurance, HK  in a claim litigation for the missed goods upon the transportation from the Shipper’s location to port.

Acting for a large warehousing company to defend a claim for goods damages when reaching the storage tank via pipeline from the ship.

Representing a trading company to defend a claim by the shipowner for nondelivery at port of destination.

Acting for cargo owners in a claim regarding pledge of the Bs/L.

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