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Xiangman Shen

T: +86 20 8388 0590 M: +86 138 0252 5603 Email Xiangman | Vcard Office: Guangzhou


Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

Xiangman Shen Senior partner

Contact details

Xiangman Shen

Xiangman Shen
Senior partner

T: +86 20 8388 0590 M: +86 138 0252 5603 Email Xiangman | Vcard Office: Guangzhou

Xiangman is a partner at Wei Tu law firm*. His practice covers a wide range of PRC law issues with a focus on litigation at different levels of PRC courts and arbitration matters in PRC including cross-border litigation and arbitration proceedings, and foreign arbitration awards recognition and enforcement in China. Xiangman is also experienced in assisting foreign inbound investments into China and Chinese outbound investments in foreign jurisdictions.
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He started his professional practice 30 years ago which mainly includes maritime, international trade, general corporate and commercial matters. Xiangman has handled hundreds of civil, commercial and even criminal cases during his career. His clients include a number of Fortune 500 international companies and Chinese domestic companies.

Xiangman is a frequent speaker on topics of PRC litigation, recognition and the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the PRC, ship construction and ship finance. From time to time, he is invited to give PRC law expert opinions to foreign courts and foreign arbitration tribunals. Xiangman also contributed the Chinese Section of “Ship Finance”. He was the Asia Pacific Regional Vice-Chair of International Dispute Resolution Practice Group of Terralex, and is currently a Vice-Chair of Guangzhou Foreign Related Legal Affairs Committee of Guangzhou Lawyer’s Association.

* Wei Tu (a PRC law firm registered in Guangzhou) and Stephenson Harwood (a law firm registered in Hong Kong) are in a CEPA association under the name “Stephenson Harwood - Wei Tu (China) Association”. CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) is a free trade agreement concluded between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Under CEPA, Hong Kong based law firms are permitted to operate in association with Mainland Chinese law firms.

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Marine and international trade
  • Shipping litigation
  • International arbitration
  • Commercial litigation

Setting up PRC entities

Representing a number of foreign investors to set up JV and WFOE in China, including negotiating with various PRC governmental authorities.

Legal DD

Assisting foreign investors in carrying out legal DD and preparing DD reports, giving legal advice on structuring of the investment in China.


Assisting foreign companies or Chinese domestic companies to acquire equities or assets.

Legal counsel

Acting as regular legal counsels for foreign investors in China.

Sales of goods contracts and distribution contracts

Representing a number of Chinese and foreign companies to negotiate for sales of goods, distribution agreements.

Shipping disputes

Acting for shipping companies to negotiate on charter parties, ship finance and ship construction contracts. Also representing shipping companies in charter party, ship construction and ship finance disputes in PRC court or arbitration proceedings.

Commodity transactions

Advising Chinese and foreign companies on PRC legal issues related to commodity transactions in both domestic market and overseas. Also advising on issues in connection with their potential disputes with their customers.

More: Marine and international trade

Acting for shipping companies and P&I Clubs before PRC maritime courts, appeal courts and the Supreme Court of PRC in connection with disputes arising from bill of lading, charter parties, ship arrest, and evidence preservation actions.

Acting for shipping companies in ship construction disputes and ship finance disputes.

Assisting foreign banks to realise ship mortgages by PRC court actions.

More: Shipping litigation

Chinese domestic arbitration

Acting for clients in arbitration before CIETAC, Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, Shanghai Arbitration Commission and South China International Arbitration Centre in relation to sales of goods contract disputes.

LCIA arbitration

Acting for Chinese clients and instructing English solicitors and barristers in arbitration before LCIA arbitration relating to a series of sales of goods contract.

LMAA arbitration

Giving guidance to foreign and Chinese clients on the conduct of arbitration before LMAA for purpose of securing recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in China.

More: International arbitration

Acting for clients at different levels of PRC court to present claims or to defend claims for/ and on behalf of clients.

Assisting clients to get foreign arbitration awards recognized and enforced in PRC courts.

Assisting clients to structure their cross boarder litigations in multiple jurisdictions.

More: Commercial litigation

  • Government and public sector
  • P&I clubs
  • International trade
  • Shipowners and operators
  • Banks and banking

Representing a Japanese public listing company to discuss and negotiate with the local Chinese government about approval for debt-for-equity swaps in connection with various debt collections from Chinese companies.

Representing an Italian company to negotiate with the local Chinese government about illegal approval of the Chinese partner’s equity transfer without consent from the clients.

Representing one of the largest Japanese medical appliances companies providing assistance in negotiating with the Chinese customs authority in connection with the authority’s investigation of evasion of Chinese customs duty and VAT payment.

Representing a US company to negotiate with the Chinese tax authority for settlement of tax penalty and tax payment.

Representing the biggest electronic chip manufacturer to negotiate on returning of attached goods with the local government due to shutting down of factory of the local supplier and massive lay-off of employees.

Representing several Japanese companies in discussing and negotiating with the local government authorities in different cities of China about administrative actions against trademark infringements.

Representing UK P&I in “Alexander Griegory” defending a claim from the alleged cargo smuggling.

Representing UK P&I in MV “Ino”, defending a cargo damage claim.

Representing JPI in “Sanko Royal” in connection with a bill of lading dispute.

Representing Britannia in “Bunga Sagoa Lapan” to defend cargo damage claim.

Representing Steamship Mutual in “Castillio de Gomez” claiming for losses and damages from damage to the ship’s hatch during the port’s cargo discharge operation.

Acting for The Swedish Club to assist the Charterers of “Grace One” in ship arrest action and the action of recovery of overpaid hire in PRC court.

More: P&I clubs

Representing companies from Israel, US and Singapore to negotiate on outsourcing contracts and distribution agreements with their Chinese counter parties.

Assisting the largest private energy company in LCIA arbitration proceedings to defend a claim over US$70 million.

​Representing a Swiss trader to defend a US$2.8 million claim in CIETAC.

​Representing a Spanish trading company in a series of contract disputes with different Chinese companies, amount involved over US$30 million. 

Providing comprehensive legal advice to a German ship owner in connection with the PRC tax issues arising from charter parties.

Assisting the Owners of “Warisa Naree” to defend a claim in a PRC maritime court and assisting the Owners and Charterers of the same ship to seek recovery in the High Court of England and Wales.

Assisting the Owners of “Sea Urchin” to defend the claims in the High Court of Singapore and High Court of England and Wales.

Assisting the biggest shipping company in China to make a claim against Chinese bank for refund of ship construction instalment payments in a PRC maritime court.

Representing the Owners of “FESCO Primorye” to make a claim against the other ship for loss and damages due to a ship collision incident.

Assisting the Owners of MV “Vitim” in a GA matter.

More: Shipowners and operators

Advising one of the biggest Chinese banks on trade finance issue.

Providing legal advice to a Norwegian bank on issues related to ship finance and refund guarantee.

Giving Chinese law expert opinion to a South African bank on issues related to a repo contract in connection with its insurance claim in South Africa.

More: Banks and banking

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou

Preferred legal counsel of Intel, assisting Intel in two trademark license disputes, assisting Intel to recover the components frozen by the local PRC authority.

Assisting a German company to carry out legal DD in Beijing against a local Chinese company for purpose of acquiring the equity of the local company, drafting various transactional documents, giving legal advice on structuring of the investment of the German company in Beijing.

Assisting a Swiss grain company to get GAFTA award recognized and enforced in Beijing Court.

Representing a Chinese shipping company to file re-trial application to the Supreme Court of PRC.

More: Beijing

Preferred legal counsel of GSK, supervising secondment scheme made with GSK.

Legal counsel for Intertek, assisting Intertek on legal issues in connection with its business management and operation, as labour, commercial contracts, compliance, advising on legal issues related to PRC court litigation and representing Intertek in CIETAC arbitration.

Legal counsel for LISEGA, advising on legal issues in relation to collection of debts from one of the biggest Chinese state-owned energy company.

Legal counsel for McDonalds, a trading broker, assisting on legal issues in connection with their commercial contracts with customers, representing in a commercial dispute with ​a customer, negotiating with its business counter party for an amicable settlement.

Supervising the secondment scheme made with Johnson Control. 

More: Shanghai

Regular legal counsel for Tokyo Marine, representing the firm in a series of recovery claim against liable parties.

Regular legal counsel for a number of chambers and foreign consulates, assisting Swiss and Norwegian consulates in their relocation of offices in Guangzhou.

Legal counsel for KMC and KMD, assisting the US head office and the local PRC entity on matters in connection with various PRC legal issues as tax, employment, compliance, government relationship, assisting both companies in resolving labour disputes and commercial disputes in the PRC courts.

Legal counsel for Ormazabal, advising on a variety legal issues related its daily business management and operation, as commercial contracts, M&A, labour, representing Ormazabal in the PRC court to deal with their labour disputes and commercial disputes.

More: Guangzhou


Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

Winner - The i-law Maritime Law Award

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