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Wei Yuan

T: +86 10 6535 1706 M: +86 136 5139 3913 Email Wei | Vcard Office: Beijing

Wei Yuan Legal manager

Contact details

Wei Yuan

Wei Yuan
Legal manager

T: +86 10 6535 1706 M: +86 136 5139 3913 Email Wei | Vcard Office: Beijing

Wei is a property expert who focuses on development, construction, property management, commercial leases and relevant dispute resolution cases in China. He has a broad depth of experience in environmental projects, cross-border transactions and litigation. 
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Wei has an extensive understanding of the property development process in China with knowledge surrounding project surveys, design, construction and supervision. He has experience of dealing with matters regarding property management, commercial leases and property dispute resolution cases as well as cross border transactions and litigious claims.

Wei has systematically researched China’s environmental legislation and obtained a PhD in environmental law. His practice area also covers environmental pollution obligation insurance and legal protection for the National Economy Security.

  • Corporate
  • Real estate
  • Environment

Corporate governance

Advising on corporate governance in China, on dispute resolution between shareholders, directors and creditors.

Corporate litigation

Acting for shareholders or creditors in corporate litigation.

Corporate finance

Advising on corporate financial issues.

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Real estate development

Advised developers on the tendering and bidding process in China, entering into agreements with owners or co-developers on signing sub-contracts and other agreements with others.

Real estate finance

Advising on financial structures of real estate development and making financial arrangements.

Commercial lease

Advising on commercial lease agreements and property management agreements, helping solve disputes using negotiation.

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Environmental regulation

Advising on environmental laws and regulation requirements in China.

Environmental projects

Advising on environmental projects in regulatory compliance and finance.

Environmental litigation

Acting for environmental groups or individuals to file litigations regarding environmental compensation or eliminating pollution.

More: Environment

  • Real estate investors and developers

Real estate developer

Advising on tendering and bidding process, signing EPC contracts and sub-contracts.

Real estate investors

Advising on purchasing or selling property, investing in property-based projects and signing property management agreements.

Commercial property business

Advising on commercial property management issues i.e leases.

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