Katharina Reibach Associate

Katharina advises high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families in the UK and abroad, serving clients on a broad range of matters including succession planning, wills, onshore and offshore trusts, taxes, asset structuring and wealth preservation, probate, and powers of attorney.
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Katharina serves a diverse client base of individuals, family offices, and trustees with assets in multiple jurisdictions across Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and the UK.

Katharina is well-versed in matters of both common and civil law, allowing her to navigate a range of complex cross-border issues. Frequent matters include advising individuals and families relocating to, leaving, or with other interests in the UK on residency, remittance issues, inheritance and capital gains tax, restructuring of foreign assets, and related HMRC disclosures.

Katharina delivers a highly bespoke service, developing a profound understanding of each client's personal circumstances to structure the most efficient solutions for their requirements. She integrates her work seamlessly with financial and other advisors and aims to drive lasting consensus among all parties involved in a particular matter. By doing so, she mitigates the risk of future legal challenges and ensures that her advice is resilient across ever-adapting regulatory regimes. This ultimately allows clients to preserve their wealth for multiple generations.

In parallel to her core practice, Katharina serves in the Stephenson Harwood art law group.

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Wealth structuring

Advising on tax efficient creation, running and termination of trusts in the UK and offshore. In addition to dealing with other wealth preservation structures such as family investment companies and foundations.


Assisting trustees and individuals with their reporting and compliance obligations including TRS, the register of overseas entities, non-resident CGT and ATED.


Providing advice on succession planning, wills and assisting with complex cross-border estates. 


Advising on UK residency of individuals and companies for tax purposes, and planning options prior to arrival as well as assisting with exiting the UK tax net.

International tax planning

Providing guidance on international relocations, including advice on double tax treaties and jurisdictional comparisons.

Tax disclosures

Assisting with HMRC investigations and disclosures, in particular regarding remittance issues and domicile enquiries.

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