Inclusive career progression and work practices

We are committed to ensuring a consistent diversity mix through our career development programmes and networks.

We aim to ensure that everyone continues to develop their career at Stephenson Harwood, recognising that there's always something more to aim for and new challenges to meet, so there's no reason to ever stop learning or growing. We aim to evaluate, refresh and expand our development options to meet the ever changing needs of our people and our firm, in particular:

  • Our female career progression programme offers female associates one-to-one partner mentoring to assist with career development, skills training sessions and a series of talks from successful and high profile business women.
  • 'Stephenson Harwood netWorks' is a female associate driven initiative which includes a series of educational and networking events at which internal and external speakers present on a range of topics to our associates and clients.
  • We have selected a group of partners to act as 'parental partners' who act as role models and provide associates with much more targeted support and guidance pre, during and post maternity.
  • Unconscious bias awareness training is available to everyone at the firm to encourage us to examine our own unconscious biases and how best to manage them so the firm can maximise the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive environment where people feel comfortable and are given every opportunity to succeed and perform well.

Some of our associates and participants on our female career progression programme reflect on their experiences:

"Taking part in the female career progression programme has been really rewarding. I found the mentoring sessions particularly beneficial as they encouraged me to reflect on what I want to achieve and assisted me in thinking through how I want to achieve those aims. It has helped improve my confidence and has reminded me of the importance of stepping back from the day job to focus on the bigger picture."

"The mentoring is a unique opportunity to sit down and have an informal and confidential discussion with someone who has "been there and done that". My mentor gave my invaluable advice and suggestions that made a real difference to me from the beginning and that continue to do so."

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