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Anne Pritam

T: +44 20 7809 2925 M: +44 7946 647 238 Email Anne Office: London




Anne Pritam Partner

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Anne Pritam

Anne Pritam

T: +44 20 7809 2925 M: +44 7946 647 238 Email Anne Office: London

Anne helps clients with the practical implications of employment, immigration and partnership law.  With many years’ experience acting for both organisations and individuals, she gives tailored advice that focusses on the key issues and achieves positive outcomes for her clients.
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Anne assists her clients with challenging and high risk employment, immigration and partnership issues, as well as “business as usual” concerns.  Her advice is analytical and carefully crafted and reflects the specific priorities, commercial concerns and workplace culture of her clients.   She is a seasoned, robust litigator and co-heads the firm’s UK-inbound Immigration Business Advisory team.

With extensive experience of a variety of employers in a wide range of sectors including financial services and professional services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy; Anne has acted for clients with a handful of employees through to those with several thousand.

She advises listed boards, private companies, family businesses, domestic households and individuals; she has been the trusted adviser to many of her clients for over 10 years.

She is sought out (by firms and partners) as a leading partnership and LLP practitioner with a track record for providing strong legal support in controversial areas such as expulsion, de-equitisation, discrimination, remuneration, and business protection/restrictions.

A sought-after speaker/trainer, she is a regular presenter for White Paper Conferences (the leading HR/legal training provider), and the national Employment Lawyers’ Association, giving insightful and entertaining in-house training sessions.

"very good technical lawyer who communicates in a calm way."  
Chambers UK 2015
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Supporting in-house legal and HR teams across a variety of sectors with measured, actionable advice.


Bringing and defending claims in the High Court, Employment Tribunal and appellate courts.   Robust in negotiation and experienced in judicial mediation. Examples of cases are:

Bhandari v Canaway Fleming: Successful defence of discrimination claims in London ET.

Forbes v ITS:  Successful defence of unfair dismissal and breach of contract claims in Aberdeen ET (involving complex jurisdictional arguments).

Sharp v Caledonia: Seminal private sector Equal Pay claim.


Due diligence and negotiation of liabilities, warranties and indemnities in outsourcing agreements, asset/share sales, MBOs, and IPOs, including advice to and about senior management service agreements.

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Advising clients on sponsor licence acquisitions.
Advising clients on sponsor licence applications.

Advised business visitors.

Advising clients on Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor visas applications.

Advised clients on Tier 2 Skilled worker ILR and intra-company transfers.

Advising clients on transfer of domestic workers.

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Advising general partnerships, LPs and LLPs as well as individual partners on day to day matters and areas of potential or actual dispute.


Bringing and defending claims in the High Court connected with business protection and enforcement of contractual terms, and in the Employment Tribunal relating to alleged discrimination and whistleblowing.
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By its nature, much of Anne’s advice is sensitive and confidential so client names often cannot be disclosed.


Longstanding adviser on all on-going employment and HR advisory support including restructuring, defence of claims, regulatory obligations.

Various Foreign Banks

Advised a client on equal pay allegation by a senior manager; analysis of risk, implications of senior management pay structures.

Advising a client on a negotiating settlement of a substantial age/disability discrimination and bonus claim by former General Manager.

Providing guidance on a series of interactive training sessions for senior managers on managing underperformance.

Advising client on defending claims of unfair dismissal and age discrimination.

Anne also has extensive experience with clients in the wider financial services sector, from major asset managers to small hedge funds, IT platform providers and a retail advisory company.  

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By its nature, much of Anne’s advice is sensitive and confidential so certain client names often cannot be disclosed.

Baker Tilly

Advised on employment and HR implications of its acquisition of RMS Tenon Limited.

For various US law firms (London offices)

Management of an employee having a child via surrogate, leave and pay entitlements.

Implementation of enforced reduction in working hours.

Advising on sickness absence management.

Guiding clients through multiple performance management scenarios.

Advising on Restructuring.

UK law firm

Successful defence of claim brought by contractor claiming to be an employee.
Advising on long term sickness absence and PHI provision.


Training on implications of social media to national HR team.

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Anne has advised clients in the life sciences sector for many years, and understands the particular HR challenges of this innovative, regulatory and competitive environment.  

She is a longstanding adviser to Japanese headquartered pharmaceutical company, Eisai, on its employment and HR related issues.

She advises ARIAD Pharmaceuticals on their employment matters arising from its operations in Europe.

She has supported the firm’s life sciences team in numerous commercial and corporate transactions involving clients in this sector, including BTG plc, UCB, and Piramal Healthcare.

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