22 Mar 2019

Understanding Brexit


Despite all the information available on Brexit, it is sometimes difficult to work out where we are in the process, what key documents are trying to achieve, and what common Brexit terms actually mean. This page steps back from the detail and gives an overview of the Brexit story (Snapshot), what the UK might or might not agree with the EU and the no-deal scenario (How Brexit Works), and how Brexit is expected to proceed (Timeline).  What could happen if things don't go according to plan is explored in our flowchart: The Way Forward?

If there are any terms you don't understand, consult our glossary of Brexit terms and abbreviations (What Does it Mean?), or if you need to refer to original legislation or official reports and guidance, see Resources.  

For more detail on specific aspects of the Brexit process, and their legal and commercial implications, have a look at the selection of articles on Brexit at the bottom of the page or search our Insight pages. Our video focuses on cross-border disputes issues (English Jurisdiction Agreements and Judgments).  

To put Brexit in context, see Deal Appeal, our recent report on domestic and international investor attitudes to the UK as a deal-making destination. This shows that while Brexit is clearly on people's minds  -  it emerged as the biggest risk of investing in the UK  -  it is far from a deal-breaker. 

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The following is a selection of articles that Stephenson Harwood has published on Brexit: 

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26 September 2018  -  What a "no deal" Brexit might mean for international litigation

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February 2018  -  Brexit: implications for rail rolling stock procurement, leasing and financing

2 January 2018  -  Brexit: What should the rail industry be doing now?

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