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Arthur Loke

T: +65 6835 8654 Email Arthur | Vcard Office: Singapore


Recommended Lawyer for Employment/ Intellectual Property

Recommended Lawyer for Employment/ Intellectual Property

Arthur Loke Consultant and alliance chairman

Contact details

Arthur Loke

Arthur Loke
Consultant and alliance chairman

T: +65 6835 8654 Email Arthur | Vcard Office: Singapore

Arthur is a consultant at Virtus Law* and alliance chairman of the Stephenson Harwood (Singapore) Alliance. He is a well-known corporate and commercial lawyer who has turned his attention to corporate fraud and bribery issues in the last few years. Arthur has assisted Singaporean, Japanese and US corporations in investigations and resolution of their claims through negotiations with the wrongdoers and their lawyers.
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His current interest is in compliance processes and enforcement within corporations to prevent or reduce internal fraud, bribery, anti-competitive practices etc. He works with forensic experts and management to ensure outcomes are fair to all the stakeholders. Arthur's extensive experience and practical approach is appreciated by clients who require effective representation at the negotiating table for large and complex transactions.

Arthur has 45 years of law practice in multiple jurisdictions assisting clients, including the US Securities Exchange Commission in its investigation of insider trading emanating from Singapore.

He was a past secretary general of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association. For the period May 1996 to December 1997, he was a columnist of the Asahi Shimbun (Sunday international edition) and from 2003 to 2005 he was advisor to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Mongolia.

*Virtus Law LLP (T13LL0339K) and Stephenson Harwood LLP (T13LL0821C) are registered as a Formal Law Alliance in Singapore under the name Stephenson Harwood (Singapore) Alliance. Both firms are registered in Singapore under the Limited Liability Partnership Act (Chapter 163A) with limited liability. The term "partner" is used to refer to a member in one of the constituent law firms.

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Japanese food manufacturer

Assisting a well-known Japanese food manufacturer in outing a director in their Southeast Asian subsidiary, who had kept in place a systematic process for funds to be diverted to him. The role entailed staying in Tokyo for over one month to negotiate restitution and terms.

Large US oil company

Assisting a large US oil company in carrying out investigations concerning their top executives located in Southeast Asia. Investigations involved several forensic consultants and one other New York law firm.

Senior executive of a multi-national company

Assisting a senior executive of a multi-national company caught up in broad sweep internal investigation over allegations of the multi-nationals wide-spread bribery in China.

Japanese electronic products manufacturer

Assisting a well-known Japanese electronic products manufacturer in respect of propositions made to them concerning paying bribes.

Multi-national banking group

Maintaining two whistleblowing hotlines for a major multi-national banking group.

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Japanese company

Representing a Japanese company in a retrenchment exercise of employees represented by a Singapore trade union.

US company

Representing a US company in its retrenchment exercise upon the conclusion of its M&A with a major corporation.

Japanese law firm

Retained by a major Japanese law firm for consultation on all their Singapore law employment issues encountered by their clients.

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Southern Rubber Works

Representing this Malaysian client successfully in a hearing before the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore against Converse Inc in a trademark dispute.

Spanish bio-science company

Representing a Spanish bio-science company in raising capital in Singapore, having represented them in their IP and M&A issues for the last 15 years.

Singapore corporation

Representing a Singapore corporation whose patents are infringed by a major telecommunications company and several banks.

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Recommended Lawyer for Employment/ Intellectual Property

Recommended Lawyer for Employment/ Intellectual Property

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