We are committed to doing the best we can for the environment.

We are cutting waste by re-using, donating and/or recycling the majority of our waste, including:

  • Recycling waste including cooking oil, old computers, furniture, paper, food waste and coffee cups.
  • Using supplies made from recycled materials, for example our notepads are made from elemental chlorine free pulp and is FSC certified.

We are looking to become even more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint through a variety of means:

  • We have used best principles to create a sustainable office specification at our London office. There, recycled materials and efficient heating and lighting systems have helped us achieve the highest BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating possible for a listed building.
  • We are using suppliers that reflect our environmental values in the goods and services they provide to us, for example, our stationery suppliers use eco-friendly delivery vehicles and local stocking points.
  • We have implemented smart technology with 'sleep modes' for when the technology is not in use, from coffee machines to lighting systems.
  • We are minimising travel through utilising video conferencing and for necessary travel we are encouraging the use of sustainable forms of transport, for example, by operating a cycle incentive scheme.
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